Dying problems

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I’m dying my big ben and every time i take it out the color runs off it. What am I doing wrong?


Please read this before doing an other attempt.

this is a post from another forum from a friend Shock Tsunami.

[quote=Shock Tsunami;188439]How to dye YYJ yo-yos, acetone and RIT method

Note: I highly recommend watching Houdini’s “How to Dye” video, reading this guide completely, then PMing me if you have ANY questions before doing ANYTHING (including buying ingredients).
This video can be found here: http://www.dif-spinners.com/ under “How to dye final.wmv”

This is a guide for dyeing CLEAR YoYoJam yoyos, such as the clear Speeders that I have previously dyed.  It utilizes a high concentration of acetone to get deep, dark color into the clear lexan polycarbonate that most YYJ yoyos are made from.  However, this guide is applicable to YYJ yos of other colors, but the dye concentration should be adjusted to be far weaker for solid colors.  Consider one RIT packet per mixture, or milder concentrations of acetone.

Fundamental rule #0:

For clearer colors, use very high dye concentration and low acetone, and allow longer periods of time for soaking the yo.

For more opaque colors (but with more risk involved), use low dye and high acetone, and very, very carefully monitor the yo.


Twilight blue #2, “Good and Mini” Mini MoTrix.  Same as Speeder, but with lower acetone on the blue half for better transparency.


Tap water access, whether in a large (non-stainable, preferably glass) basin, or a metal (or non-stainable) sink.

Acetone (1 pint/473 mL or more) –  Found at most hardware stores.

RIT dye, 2 Packets per color desired –  Found in laundry detergent/washing sections of some large supermarkets and Walmart (of course)

Glass containers to hold dye (mason jars work great, as well as pyrex glass pitchers), one per color desired (unless you’re patient and will wash out containers in the interest of not mucking up all the family cookery)
Note: you’re looking for something that isn’t too shallow, a diameter of around 3-6 inches larger than the yo will do you just fine.  Also, remember to test that your yo fits inside of the mason jar’s lip and body before mixing the dye in there.

Elmer’s Glue

Tongs for picking the yoyo up out of the acetone mix.

Paper towels for obvious reasons, at least a whole roll.

A non-stainable surface area, and “work clothes” which can be dirtied without consequence.


The Mix:

Put the packets of RIT dye in a glass container and mix with 3/4 cups water.  Use a spoon, but NOT a wood, plastic, or otherwise porous material spoon.  I recommend metal.  Mix very thoroughly.  Anyway, this will leave you with a very concentrated mixture of RIT dye liquid, which should be handled very carefully.  Next, to begin your process of gradually adjusting acetone to your darkness requirement (more on this later), I recommend starting with a mix that’s 3 parts water, 1 part acetone (3/4 water, 1/4 acetone). I pulled these ratios directly from Houdini’s “How to Dye” video, as they are an excellent starting point for dyeing.    Again, mix thoroughly.  Now, you should have a solution which would dye a normal plastic yoyo with relative ease.  However, we’re not dealing with normal plastic…

Glue?  What for?..:

As a sidenote, you should remove all o-rings from the yo, and place glue on all places/cracks you do not want dye to intrude.  I personally placed glue on the hole in the axle, and the hole on the other side of the axle to prevent acetone from sneaking into the yo and eating its way out, basically.  If you’re doing two halves at the same time (HIGHLY recommended if you want the SAME SHADE on both halves!!!), simply glue the halves together and screw them down so the glue forms a waterproof seal for the axle.  This should be all that’s necessary, unless you’re particular about something else.  Heck, I think that this step isn’t really necessary, I’m just careful.  Let the glue dry completely.


1.  Empty RIT packets into glass container.
2.  Add 3/4 cup water.  Mix.
3.  Add 1/4 cup acetone.  Mix.

(optional steps)

4.  Elmer glue parts of yo you would like to protect from dye.
5.  Allow to dry completely.

Beginning the shading process:

This next part requires great care.  Since you probably have an exact shade of color in mind, I recommend you follow these next steps very, very carefully and thoughtfully.  This process is irreversable.

1.  Hold the yo (or half of yo) with the tongs, preferably by the metal rings of the yo (if they have metal rings), and lightly “dunk” it in the dye.  Swirl it around slowly for consistency of coat on the yo.  For an initial test, to make sure your solution is correct, take it out in a few seconds to check if anything drastic has happened.  At this point, your yo should barely be dyed at all (unless you’re using Black RIT or dark colors, in which case the result may be more dramatic, in my case, black took a matter of seconds to take hold of the yo).


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Yeah, I read that (Before dying) added more acetone and it did help a little but would still run off. I have no more purple dye now. :frowning:


I don’t know anything about this stuff. I’m not into playing with chemicals.

Perhaps it’s made of something other that polycarbonate? I have no clue. I know Celcon can be made in different colors but I have no idea if it can be made clear.

Personally speaking, I like the color offerings that YYJ makes this item available in. I’ve seen red, white, blue and clear. But, since PlasticWhip gots ta have it in purple, I guess he has no choice other than to red up a blue or blue up a red or purple up a white.

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This is the one I’ve only got half of. It was white and I wanted a light purple. It is made of polycarbonate but I don’t know what was up. I ended up dunking it quickly in the mixture until it had a sort of splash effect and just let the stuff dry on there. I later rinsed it off and it has a neat marble effect.

Pictures don’t really do it justice. It is whiter aka not as “Muddy” looking.


That is awesome, love the way you did it. :wink:


It kinda, sorta, reminds me of my acid washed Bassalope, except it’s completely different in every way possible.

I think if more color got in there it would have really been cool. It’s not bad, it’s just not “great”.

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I figured “Why not?” as I only have half of it. I think doing this in blue to my blue Northstar would be cool.

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What do you mean by “fall”?