Dyeing Yoyos


So I have 2 clear FHZ’s that I want to dye red with a blue swirl on one side and blue with a red swirl on the other half. So I have some questions. Out of the four halves one is a little cloudy.(from mineral spirits) would dying reduce that cloudiness? I want the swirl to be crisp so what would be the best mask? Could I use nail polish remover for the acetone? If I dye it red and then mask a swirl pattern and then submerge it in blue dye would it be a blue body with red swirls on it or an ugly purplish thing with red swirls? Does clear dye well? Please help me out.


Well I’ve never personally dyed yoyos, but I do know that acetone melts plastic yoyos, so I would defiantly keep that away from them. If I were you I would get a hold of someone who mods. There are several of them on here, hopefully one of them posts, if not they’re not hard to find. It shouldn’t be too expensive either.


Actually, jag, using acetone to dye polycarb yoyos is pretty much standard practice. It softens the plastic and sets the color into the plastic. Getting the right mix with the water based dye is the key to not dissolving or damaging the yoyo.


I answered a few of my own questions so the i only want to know would it get rid of the cloudiness caused by the paint thinner i had used on one of the halves? Do clear Yo-Yos dye opaque or for that matter well (like my clear freehand zero)? And if i dye it red then mask a design with glue then dye it blue again would it be blue with a red design or an ugly red blue purple color with a red design and would it work vice versa?


If you dye it red, then mask it and dye it blue, the unmasked parts will likely be purple (blue + red). To get a red & blue you need to mask what you want blue, dye the red. Mask the red, dye the blue. Regarding the cloudiness, a dye will not fix that. A clear yoyo will not dye opaque. It will be translucent. White is the best candidate to dye.