How to dye a yoyo.

I am surprised that nobody has posted this yet.

Back in 05, Harry Houdini AKA Ryan Monson (RIP Ryan :frowning: ) made this tut for how to dye a yoyo.

It was very helpful to me and will probably be for many of you.

Check it out!


oh this is so cool ima try it

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Verry helpfull, but i have a lyn fury. That = celcon plastic. Everytime i ask how to do the celcon dying everyone always posts this stupid video. Can someone please just tell me the steps, amount, heat, just how to do it. A video would be nice to. Thanks :-*



Lol thank you verry much. Im getting kind of impatient.

I remember reading up on that Ryan Monson story… so sad. :’(

Found out how to dye celcon, thanks to icthus! Thought it would be nice to share with evveryone that needs to know how like i did.

Celcon/delrin is very easy to dye.

one package of RIT dye powder.

One coffee mug sized glass. (can withstand boiling water)

pour the dye in the mug/cup. add water till there is only enough room for the yoyo half. stir dye then heat to boiling. I usually use the microwave.

tie the half to a string and then to a stick so that you can set the half into the hot water dye mix so it won’t hit the bottom. Just floating in the middle of the cup. Let sit till desired color. If the water gets too cold then just nuke it again for a minute. No more than that.

Everyone thank icthus for that one.

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That Ryan Monson story is so sad… I feel awful for his family.

I didn’t hear about it, but it must have been tragic…
It’s ironic that he would make a video called “how to DYE” :’( (Die…)

the video isn’t showing up on my computer. is there anyway i could see it? i want to dye my new breed

would this work on new breed? i don’t know what plastic it is

Its celcon

cool… i might try this soon

To dye plastic of any kind here’s what I do:
Mix no more than 1 qt of water, no less than 1 pt, plus 1 package of rit dye into a cooking pot and bring to a boil while stirring. Reduce to a simmer. Tie each half of your yoyo to a string from the axle. Submerge the halves and check on each one every 30 seconds or so. Once the color is starting to get where you want it, rinse off the yoyo every time you check the color until it is just right.
I find that dying each half separatley is useful because it is easier to get matching colors.
Also, Silicone works well as a mask in boiling water. Just let the silicone dry for 8 hours before boilng.

Hope this helps

DanCDow, that will only work for celcon and delrin. It won’t work on polycarbonate yo-yos like the FHZ.

I just wanted to clear that up.

I haven’t dyed a FHZ itself but I have died FHZ caps that way. I am pretty sure the plastic is the same polycarbonate, but it does take forever, especially with light colors like pink and yellow. Admittedly the acetone method works better for it.
Well anyway the take away is: use acetone method for polycorbonates and use boiling method for celcon and delrin.

ps. how do you find out what kind of plastic any given yoyo is? what does YYJ use?

Well, I’m interested this to do in my Speedmaker. But the thing is do I need to cover a tape or something to “not dye” the bearing seat? or just leave it open, dye and it’s okay. ?

if you leave it unmasked, its gonna dye that part of the plastic…
best just dye the bearing seat

I would silicon the bearing seat if I didn’t want it dyed. Make sure to silicon it really heavy though, the thicker the better.
why wouldnt you not want the bearing seat dyed anyway?

how about someone figures out how to dye a metal eh?
that’s new.