How to dye Celcon plastic?

hi i was wondering how i would effectively dye a kickside or a lyn or a legacy.
i watched this on youtube

and i was wondering if it is the same with celecon.
also with the acetone would it melt the kickside like it said even though the celecon is a more chemical resistant material?

also at the end when he rubs the glue off is it bound to be the original color (even though the kickside is white?)
thanks guys ;D

PS if you have esier or more effective ways please do tell.

you mean this and i dont think it will come out good like it wont stay on or something because its celcon

Polycarbonat yoyo like the FHZ need acetone to help the dye adhere. It actually softens up the surface of the plastic to let the dye soak in so to speak.

Delrin/Celcon yoyo’s like the milk and kickside or lyn fury do not need acetone. All you so is mix the rit powder with the proper amount of water with a lot of heat. Boiling works good.

DO NOT HEAT ACETONE!!! Also don’t breath it too much. If you use Acetone I suggest doing it outside.

cool i crashed a lyn so i could try this … lol great !

The Legacy is celcon.

Really? Hmm I was just going off feel. I forget that YYJ injects celcon which makes it a little harder.


awesome so does anyone know if the glue will still work in hot water?

Yes it will.

Off topic: Is that France or The name of the country is just “Reunion”. ???

so just to make sure rit packet,boiled water and no acetone?

On a Celcon type yo-yo? Yes, that is correct.


He’s not technically from France, He is from Reunion Island, which I guess is a part of France.

thanks do you happen to know a good maskthat will survive the proccess

Try some hot glue. Or experiment with interesting things. I’ve always wanted to see what vaseline looks like. Take thing in your household and see what you get. You could also do a double experiment and do it with a lighter color first and then do another dye job with another mask.

There are tons of masks that you can use. hot glue, Elmers glue, Stickers. The stickers don’t really work that good because the dye will get under the edges of the sticker and cause a bleeding effect.

I think hot glue or elmers is the best.

Also you need to keep the water with the dye very hot. I use the microwave. As long as the yo is submerged and you don’t leave it in too long then you’ll be fine. Too long is like 3 minutes.

Also your yoyo will probably turn brown first. KEEP IT IN THE DYE BATH! Continue till you get the desired color.