Deep Black Dye?

What kind of dye, and where should I get it, to get a deep red dye for my orange speeder? I want to make it red with orange splash. Or maybe another color if you want to suggest.

Edit: Okay, I know I need a RIT dye, but I don’t know what kind gives the correct color of red. I want like a deepish, but not dark red. Like the color of the YYE stickers. The red color. Also, I heard there is a replacement for Acetone. What is it?

Lastly, (Nice Transitions?) I am planning on using white elmer’s glue for the splash, is it possible it’ll be worn off?

Go on the rit dye website they give you a sprectrum and how to make that color and i heard you could put it in hot water on a stove while holding it with a bike spoke for 15 min but that was with a pgm so i dont know if that would aply

So instead of using acetone you put it in boiling water?

Acetone is ONLY for polycarbonate yoyo’s like the FHZ.
For delrin/celcon you only need really hot water and dye. Remember that the bottom of that pan will be hotter and it will melt your yoyo. I suspend mine in a jar to where the yoyo won’t touch the sides or bottom and use the microwave to heat the water.

That’s why I said use a bike spoke and what type of plastic is the pgm I couldn’t figure out.

I think the Speeder has polycarbonate plastic (correct me if I’m wrong), so you might want to use acetone.

Okay… where do you get acetone? And what does it do? If I use glue as a mask, will the acetone destroy it? I’m just using normal water, RIT dye, and acetone.

you can get it at places like rona or lowes and it melts the plastic so you want to use little and use white glue cause it doesnt really melt and you can use different things for different effects. And it wont destroy it if you keep looking at it and makeing sure it doesnt melt. And try useing better water i use mountain bottle water but its up to you i dont think it makes a difference.

I’m thinking of dripping glue all over it for some kind of splash, but would Red with orange splash or black with orange splash look better?

well i am doing a black an purple and what i am doing is pour the glue in a container and use a paint brush and fling paint at it but i thing orange and black would look good.

I know… I was thinking you can’t really see orange and red. I mean the difference. How do you get black RIT dye though? I heard some people say that black isn’t black and you need to do a weird mixing of the dyes. If you do mix, does it change the water/acetone amount?

no dont think so but just in case try putting less acetone in and just let it set in longer and i think it might have just blead a bit whan rinse thats one thing that happens so just make it a little darker and your good.

How do you get black though?

put it in black dye with water and acetone

Oh… I thought there was something special. Someone told me black was lighter than real black. More of brown?

i dont think so but i am dyeing mine black to on sat so if you can wait i will post pics of how it came out and what it looks like if you can wait

What are you dyeing and how?

ok i am dyeing a pgm and this is how i am going to do it
1.put water and half a pack of red rit dye and a bit of acetone
2.put yoyo in and wait and turn it every minute to make sure it doesnt melt
3.rinse in mineral/mountain water
4. put white glue in a container and use a paint push to throw paint on it and then wait for it to dry doing spet one but with black and the do step 2 and 3

but befor that i am going to schoomve and satin the yoyo