pimp my yoyo.

why would you take all that time buying dye and dying your yoyo when you can paint designs on it.

what do do.

go out and buy some cheap paint markers. I use decocolors.

than simply put the marker on your yoyo and draw.

this works with plastic and metal and you can make some pretty cool designs.

to dry just lean your yoyo up to a glass and wait for the paint to dry. it takes like 2 mins.
than you have a sweet customized yoyo

you dont wanna use any kind of paint markers you want to use good one like grog or krink and the paint in those markers chip off after around a month at the most cause of the oil and sweat on your hands. use grog buff proof its stays on for ever

I wouldn’t use any of these. I would go with Gruntbull. But that’s just me.

thats only anodizing i was talking paint a plastic. and i can anodize things myself so its un needed


What process do you use to anno? How big are your tanks? What do you use as a powersource? Who do you order your colors from?

i personally use a 12 volt battery pack and rubber bucket with sulfuric acid mixed with water and i add the the acid to the water and you can use color from online but i just use a very strong concentration of ritts dye. Also my uncles owns a scadalink company and has a friend that anodizes all of his stuff so he does it for me too if i need. and he has a comercial tank and everything but i dont cause well that would be a bad idea cause of storeing the acid and i dont use metal that much i personally prefer derlin and plastic.
Please refrain from suggesting things that are obviously dangerous and not suitable for kids to be doing on this forum. Thanks.

Please don’t try this at home^^^^^^

Because dye is permanent.

I hope you don’t talk like you type. you would never breathe. May I ask how old you are?
You seem very young and like to make up things. You tried something similar on the nation and people slammed you for it. Be careful and truthful here and we can get along.

If you are telling the truth then thats cool I want pics.

how much are they for a marker

it depends on what kind of markers and what nibs you use and the ink if you use grog ink and any kind of acrylic paint its going to be around $11 and maybe anothe $2-5 for the marker but you might be able to pick some up for free if you look around at bombing sites

Paint and ink can easily rub off if you actually play with the yoyo. Dying it won’t be able to be rubbed off.

thats why i said to use grog buff proof and add a bit of acetone

whats a bombing site???

I think he meant look around at all of the cool websites. He was possible using “bomb” as cool.

A site fo graffiti and tagging but you have to becareful there not as nice but see if krylon could sell you them if your scared of asking

No reply on my post? I really want to know those things aznenemyxp.

Bombing is when you go out and do graffiti or tagging

I think he was talking about how old you are…etc…