Hello! and questions?

Hey guys!
I’m Bainser and im looking to ask some general questions. 1. i do not own a yo yo but i plan on ordering one soon. Whats a good yo yo to buy and can learn from beginner to advance tricks? im leaning more towards something within the ranges of 10-40$ and a 1A yoyo. 2. How do i anoxidize/ paint metal a yo yo ? THIS IS SOLELY FOR RECREATIONAL PURPOSES. Im not trying to undermine anybody. i want to simply experiment with my own yoyo. I promise not to sell these services if anyone is willing to teach me. 3rdly how do you polish yoyos to give them a mirrored finish? yet again recreational purposes only :slight_smile: i would love to custom paint/anoxidize some metal yoyos and show you guys my works :slight_smile:

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I can only answer one of those questions.

If you have never yoyoed before get something like a YYF FAST 201, Yomega Brain, etc.

If you have yoyoed before and want a semi-responsive or unresponsive, I would go for the Yomega Dash, Yomega Ooch Yo, YYF One, YYF Whip, or something like that.

Hope this helps and good luck with your yoyo adventure.

  1. Some yoyos I like
    Classic - if you buy a wide bearing with it it’s killer I gave one on me now.
    Legacy 2
    YYF one
    Dark magic 2 is good
    Alpha crash I think has a spec bearing in it
    Yomega dash,maverick and heavy warp wing are good
    YYJ kick side
    YYJ preclude
    Also if interested magic yoyos are good but require a bind return.
    Trigger- be careful though some are known to crack
    And lots more if you see in the description beginner friendly or something along those line it’s good.

like everyone else already said, there are a ton of options but I would personally put into consideration where you plan on taking your yoyo skills. If you know for a fact that you want to get into unresponsive play and you want to just dive in, go for the YoYoFactory Whip. You will have to learn to “bind” but that step shouldn’t put you back very far because there are a lot of really great tutorials on the internet that explain how to do it in full detail. If you want to slowly ease yourself into it, you can either go to your local toy store and pick up a Duncan Mosquito (comes in a 2-pack with a mosquito and a light up yoyo) or you could go with the YoYoFactory “One Starter Pack.”  YYF makes really quality yoyos and the One Starter Pack comes with a slim responsive bearing and a wide unresponsive bearing so you can slowly work with your learning abilities.

YYF Whip

YYF One Starter Pack

Duncan Mosquito
Link to toys-r-us online store removed.

There are many other options and everyone has their preferences but in my personal experience. YYF make very high quality yoyos that are really cheap and they make great entry level throws. The One starter set comes with an instructional DVD as well which could help aid the learning process as well.

Well, to remove any paint or (its called) Anodization. You need to put the yoyo on a lathe or Drill and spin it fast as possible. Then apply Sandpaper starting from 350-400 up to 2000. Then polish it, with Mothers Mag and Aluminum brasso or Nevrdull.

Then you need a buffing wheel. Put polish on the buffing wheel and buff till you get mirror shine.

You might also want to use some scratch remover…


I paint yoyos, shoot me a PM for tips and a guide. This can be done on metal plastic and wood if you get the right paint…

For Bcmaddog’s method of removing ano, that can actually also remove some metal in the process. A way to remove ano would be to strip it using drain cleaner, but this is very dangerous. I would look into some other threads, some people have made tutorials.

Depending on what you want to spend and what skills you don’t mind learning:

YoYoJam offers many models that have two bearings: A slim bearing pre-installed for responsive play to get started quickly, and an included wider bearing for unresponsive play once you start progressing along. Models like this include the Legacy II, Chaser, Dark Magic II and others. The Dark Magic II is a proven yoyo for beginners and advanced players alike, but is just over your $40 budget.

If you don’t mind a bit of easy to do upgrades, the YoYoJam Classic would be ideal to start with. It ships with rubber ring response and a slim bearing. It’s tug responsive in this configuration. When you start advancing and want to get into unresponsive play, you can put in a full width C-sized bearing(which you can buy as a separate item) and perhaps suitable response pads(sold separately) to replace the rubber rings. Alternately, you can use flowable silicone for the response Total cost for the Classic, a YoYoJam Speed bearing(an affordable C-sized bearing) and YYJ Silicone o-ring response pads should st you back right around $20. For a few dollars more, you can get the Legacy II, which includes both bearings and the response is already the pads. I think the Classic is a bit better shape.

If you want a yoyo that can as-is go from responsive to unresponsive, you want the YoYoFactory Velocity. You can use the dials to make the response system move in or out(per side). The yoyo can go from way too responsive to dead unresponsive and anything in between. No extra parts are required. It is a touch on the light side.

I recommend against clutch/brain/auto-return type yoyos. After you get your thow down, they become rather pointless. If you’re a little kid, then sure. If you’re older than 8, maybe not such a good idea.

OK, onto your other questions:
Anodizing and polishing require metal yoyos. The good news is you want to screw around with this and you can purchase very low cost metal yoyos to experiment with. The best part is these aren’t junkers either!

Anodizing involves dyes, acid and electricity and is a somewhat dangerous process that takes a lot of skill and practice to be god at. If you can, please learn to do this from someone else. There are tutorials on the topic. Whether you choose to market your skills and/or work to others I could care less about. However, if you get good at it, why not? Sure, do some for fun, but if you’re doing a good job, why not see about offering to anodize yoyos?

With painting, you’re using usually an automotive grade paint and an airbrush to apply. What I dislike about paint is that it will flake and chip over time. That’s just how paint is. Another option is powder coat.

Polishing a yoyo involves removing the anodizing(if need be). This can be as simple as a sanding process, or as complex as using caustic chemicals(oven cleaner is a popular one) to strip the anodizing. Once the anodizing is removed, you use progressively finer grits of sandpaper to make the sanding marks smaller and smaller. Many use wet sanding methods. After a certain level, you would then use a metal polish to remove the last scratches and bring it to a mirror polish.

Have fun. I play for recreational purposes only.

IMO, you should NEVER start with an unresponsive or a “semiresponsive”. It just slows you down. I recommend the YYJ Classic, the YYF FAST 201, and the YYF Velocity. Or any responsive Duncan’s that interest you.

I have to recommend the Dark Magic II STARTER SET. It comes with the yoyo, which is amazing for beginner play AND advanced play. It comes with a slim bearing for beginner responsive play and when you get more advanced it also comes with a speed bearing(size C) for advanced unresponsive play.

Buying the starter set will also get you the original spin learning DVD, for learning tricks, but the trick tutorials on this site are also great! It also comes with a bottle of thick lube, which is used if your slim bearing becomes less responsive, the thick lube will make it responsive again. The YoYoJam thin lube will give less response if you put too much thick lube on, be careful not to overuse it though, because too much will cause it to act like thick lube and become more responsive. The thin lube also extends bearing life for more play time! Lastly it comes with 5 poly strings, which is really all you need for a month or two at the beginner level.


The starter set  costs $54.99, which is a little over your budget, but has everything you need, and is totally worth it.

If you want something strictly under $40 I’d recommend the YoYoJam Legacy II for $23.85. It’s basically a full plastic Dark Magic II, and also comes with a slim and speed bearing for responsive and unresponsive play. There’s no starter pack for the Legacy II so it just comes with the yoyo and a string. So I’ll also recommend getting a 25 pack of YoYoExpert 100% Polyester YoYo Strings for $4.99. You might also want to get a bottle of YoYoJam Thick Lube for $5.00 just incase you need a little more response. That brings the total to $33.84.


Once you get more advanced you’ll probably want to change strings more frequently and have a better string. Once that time comes, I recommend getting a 100 pack of Kitty String 1.5 Nylon/Poly String for $15.99. You won’t have to worry about that now though, just telling you ahead of time.

Enjoy and good luck on your journey into YoYo!

WOW guys! thanks for being so supportive and helpful! Shout out to Bcmaddog! he’s the one who really sparked my interest in wanting to paint/anodize yoyos :smiley: Im 16 and I use to own a Blue Dark Magic 2 but unfortunate circumstances happened and it is no longer in my posession ( it was stolen). Ive currently been looking into a YYF Velocity (new). Its cheap and i can easily swap between responsive and unresponsive play.

    To tell you guys a little about myself. im 16 (17 in december) Im starting my job at whataburger in 2 weeks (WOOT WOOT! So excited) i live in Alabama so please excuse my poor grammar or grammatical errors. I started yoyoing back in 11' but stopped and recently my interest re-sparked. You can call me Bainser or Jacob either works.

    Back on subject lol ::) the YYF Whip compared to YYF Velocity? and i dont know a whole lot about response systems  or modifications. I would LOVE to learn. Anybody mind shooting me some links to a beginners guide or sending a PM? Thanks Studio42 and Mad Dog! ive been looking everywhere for information such as what you've provided but always come across something i thought wasn't right. My stepdad owns a woodwork shop and has tons of tools but im not sure i have the proper tools and chemicals to start painting/ anodizing yoyos. Can you provide a basic list?

    MUCH APPRECIATION !!!!! you guys  are awesome and id love to see any awesome customized yoyos/tricks/whatever yoyo related youd like to share!! ;D

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