!SpottedBanana Anodizing Services! :D

Hi everyone!

As you can all remember… I started my anodizing services on another site. I will be posting my pics of past ano jobs later tonight.

Good news- I am still using the same username spottedbanana.

Please PM me if you have any inquires about my anodizing services.



Alice did a fantastic job on a g5 of mine. I finally have a pink and green yoyo haha. Sadly I don’t have pictures of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway she does top notch work. Next time I want to get a yoyo anodized I know who to ask.


Thanks! I will try to post a pic of it tonight to share with everyone. ;D

Sorry didn’t have time to post pics yesterday will try again tonight. Feel free to msg me if you have any questions about my anodizing services! :wink:


Good to see you here. :slight_smile:

Quick question, though, what do you do about bearing seats? If a yoyo is completely raw, then you probably don’t have to worry about it, but with a yoyo that is already annodized, do you have to chemically strip the yoyo to be able to ano it, or do you just leave the bearing seat alone to avoid vibe?

AKA Do you have to strip the bearing seat as well to be able to anodize a yoyo?

When I anodize yoyos I have to take the whole yoyo apart including the bearing and axle, I also have to remove the pads. When I receive an already anodized yoyo, I will do a gentle chemstrip (I charge $10 for gentle chemstrip) to remove the previous anodization. I don’t normally have a problem with vibe because I do a gentle chemstrip of the yoyo halves at the same time to avoid that issue. If you happen to send me a yoyo to ano that already has vibe on it… I cannot correct it! sorry hehe ;D

Here are some examples of the yoyos I have anodized in the past (sorry they are not in order but the snail decal one was the first yoyo I ever anodized!  ::slight_smile:




Jason Wong’s identity has been stolen!  :)

That’s some very nice work you’ve done, Alice! Cute puppies too.

OMG I’ve been hacked!

Oh well… Anyone want some free puppies?

Jason (for real)

Sorry about that and no the puppies are not for sale!! >:(

Prices of anodizing and chem strip and strip? Thanks!

I seem to recall hearing that those aren’t the best behaved puppies in the world. :slight_smile:

$65 which includes return shipping and tracking confirmation. If you want something very very simple done, please pm me for a price. I charge $10 for a gentle chemstrip if needed.

AND **side note my puppies are very well behaved, the yorkie is actually Jason’s 2nd gf

Thanks! :smiley:

Who’s 1st??

Duck and cover! Never ask who is the first girlfriend. Especially if she’s using his and her account. And has dangerous acids available. And puppies. I’ve learned the hard way

That only applies if you’re directly involved. :wink:

An angry female is capable of unleashing fury like no other. I have grabbed a helmet and my trusty Swiss army recruiter(I believe) just in case she is mad at me. I might go off the grid too. I suggest you take preemptive measures. Jason, find a bomb shelter.

btw the Jason bomb shelter comment was ROFL funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the link to past ano jobs! http://jasonwong.smugmug.com/Hobbies/SpottedBanana-Anodizes/20133774_BnDNHB#!i=1589361989&k=VnHHNV4

I still have a few recent photos to add to my album and I have a few jobs this week and will be posting new pics very soon!! ;D

I’m getting a few Raw yoyos soon!
I mayy ask you to strip one of mine

But it’s not set in stone for me yet!

You should make a video of you anodizing a yoyo, I think it would be really interesting.