Yomagic Anodizes: "Flawed" Anodizing UPDATE! (6/29/12)

Not sure if any remember but i did some anodizing a while ago and posted some videos but i have since deleted those. I did abut 4 yoyos last time and then I had to stop. Last week I felt like starting again. I then redid all my research and gathered the proper materials. Well earlier this morning was my first attempt again. Below im going to show before and after pics. This is my first job in well over a year and i think it came out great. I resiliconed the yoyo and now waiting for that t dry to see how it plays. I stripped the old ano off of a Dv888 i dont use. So without further ado heres my results:



Im no Jason Wong but i think it came out pretty well. Still need some more practice and will have at least another throw to show for today.

I hope you all enjoy

Wow. :o That looks great!

That’s epic!


Well did my 2nd ano job. My camera really sucks and doesn’t give a good perception of what it looks like in person. I did an acid wash splash and then acid washed the rest of the body. I was going for a woodsy look and i feel like it was achieved. I’ll have to take better pictures when the weather is better.There is some dust that is pictured that makes the Ano look a bit weird but don’t mind that.


That’s awesome!!

That the same DV888?

That’s WAY better!!

No it’s a different dv888, but thanks for the positive comment :confused:

But I like both and will be doing some more of my yoyos. I’ll probably do another tomorrow

They both look really professional. You probably could make some money doing commissions.

I do plan on eventually doing a few for commission but right now looking for practice and to be consistent. If anyone has a couple open hub throws (like a genesis and other YYF) that they would let me practice on I would do it for free but just have to pay for shipping. Only looking for a single person. I’m mainly looking for some who polish those throws or already have them raw because stripping is really lengthy and a task. So if you have like two raw open hubbed throws pm me for a free job but must pay for shipping.

that second one is AMAZING. I want that color scheme on one of my yoyos. It reminds me of a deep space sorta of look. I dont want… I NEED!

Ano my yoyo plz?

Throwrw: I would sell that dv888 if you wanted. I really like the color on that as well. It does kind of remind me of space.

they look great dude. keep up the good work we need more anodizers out there.

I’ll be getting two raw DTI Beast’s, no open hubs but its raw.

Can u do this yoyo

I’ll be updating this tomorrow with a couple jobs I did today.

Yes I can do a firmy.

I’ve noticed that yoyos with open hubs and actual nipples in the hub take ano well with my set up. Flat hubs don’t work so well for me. I’m still not even close to perfecting it but I’m getting good results

Could you anno DTI Beast’s?

what do you use to anodize?