good yyj yoyos?

I have only played with a mini motrix and I liked the way it played but I was wondering what another good yyj yoyo is before I buy one. I’m used to playing with clyw yoyos and other high end competition models from yyf. yyr and tp

I guess what I’m trying to ask is what is the best playing plastic/metal from yyj?

all opinions welcome :smiley:

Got any preferences?

i really like rounded and step round shapes but I’m not opposed to more angular shapes

My favorite throw still and now is the avalanche but I really like my c3 capless too

A good choice could be either the YYJ Hex or DM2. they have the same shape just the hex is aluminum with titanium weight rings. while the DM2 is an amazing player with it being one of YYJ iconic bi metal design.

H3X sounds like what your looking for.

I love my Vigilante. While it’s not the most stable or long spinning yoyo out there, it’s a ton of fun to play.

I’m looking at the trigger and the new breed any feedback on either?

I have not tried a Trigger (yet), but I can say that the New Breed is a decent yo-yo, however you could do better for the price. Don’t get me wrong, I love it (it was my first unresponsive yo-yo, and it will always hold a special place in my collection), but it just feels a little sluggish to me. The stability is also somewhat lacking when compared to other yo-yos in its price range, like the NorthStar. But with that said, it’s a fun throw

Trigger is a special kind of plastic throw, in my opinion. Performance-wise it plays on par with metal counterparts… great stability, spin times, and can even grind a little (finger/arm, not IRG).

It’s also insanely noisy, in my opinion. I can’t handle the volume when I’m playing indoors at midnight. I feel like I’m keeping the whole house awake. :wink:

I’d go for the DM II over the New Breed.

And the new release of H3x came out so its easily available for a time being

I don’t think there is such a thing. Just kidding haha

Trigger is really really really good for it’s price. The high end metals are great as well, I would recommend the Phenom. Interested to try a HEX, maybe you want to check that out.

That gave me a heart attack! Lolz, jk.

Ill give you some lists of amazing throws, ok ready? Too bad were goin in.

(Not yet released but its gonna be epic) Surge

New Breed
Hitman Pro

Theory! The YoYoJam Theory is the yoyo I most highly advise you get, this thing can keep up with my diamondback, my Titan3, its so dang good, I made it my weapon of choice for competing in BAC, I am a proud owner of 4 Theory’s and they are AMAZING! Words cannot describe this yoyo! It’s affordable! It’s $60 and it plays like some of the best high end models! Don’t even get me started on the caps, they are so cool! It opens up a new range of tricks! I highly advise getting this throw out of all mentioned, its definitely a good representation of YoYoJam’s hard work and dedication to making some of the most dependable throws for competing and playing. If you can get this throw!

Phenom is exceptionally nice and also feels very high end, imo.

The motrixx is extremely fun

That being said I’ve found the patriot to be my favorite throw but it’s been discontinued some time

I loved the OG hitman but haven’t thrown the new one but it looks like a good throw and it definitely fits the organic shape

I really like the SR-71. Good price for a good playing throw!

So Phenomizm is a good one.

I really love the trigger and dark magic 2. The classic is also great when upgraded.

The Classic is fantastic for its price. Switch out the bearing and add some pads and you have arguably the best entry-level unresponsive throw out there.

The Trigger is also nice. There’s an extra stage in the production where the plastic is machined giving it a classier feel than most non-delrin plastics. Unfortunately the stickers make it look kinda cheap. But my main issue with it is the sharp edges. I think I actually prefer the Classic (with regular bearing and pads) to it, at least in terms of performance if not feel.

Out of the older YYJ plastic/metal throws I quite like the SpinFaktor X. Much better than a DMII or New Breed IMHO.

The newer models have more modern low-walled designs. The PHENOMizm (not all that new anymore) is nice, the X-Con Professional is one of my favourite undersized throws, while the Vexed and Inspire look like players, though I’ve yet to try them. The RingMaster which is almost a Classic with metal rims also looks interesting.