Which YYJ?

I haven’t tried many of them and would like to get a feel for the company as a whole. I am interested in buying a YYJ plastic, hybrid, and metal to get a complete picture. Which would you recommend?

Update: I have an upgraded classic

Classic, dm2, hex.

All three types :wink:

Already have a classic. Upgraded and plays great.

Also how’s the Ghost edition DM2?
Have you tried the SpinFactor X?

Agree on the classic but would get either a phenom or diamondback for the metal choice instead of the hex

As for the metal rimmed throw I’d get the hitman x myself or maybe the sr71

Check out the xlr8 as well

^I already have a classic


Classic. DMII.

^ how is the DM2?

I can not give you a specifics but I can tell you that after I try another throw I all ways go back to the DM II. It just feels good to me.

I personally don’t get on with the DM2.
Love the Cerberus tho. It play really large and floaty.

Also the theory and the inspire are great trows too.

I’m getting an XLR8 in a couple of days so may report back when I get that back too.

Hope this helps. ~doompod~

I really like the DMII. Never cared for the original due to the hybrid response. The dual sili ring makes all the difference in the world.

Gotta second the inspire. Totally forgot about that and it’s definately the most up to date of the metal rimmed yoyojams. Excellent yoyo

Classic, speeder 2, hex

The inspire looks too sick. Probably going with this as my hybrid. Unless I hear more about Ghost DMII.

Also I gotta classic. What are other YYJ plastics?

I haven’t played it yet but consider the XLR8. It sounds promising

The surge is pretty boss. The inspire is amazing also.

What’s the word on the trigger?

Its pretty good I don’t remember too much because I only had a chance to throw it once

Its pretty much the YYJ version of the Protostar

There are some differences but there pretty similar

My only problem with the trigger is that if you hit it against the ground hard enough the rims will chip off

^ dat don’t sound good.