Looking for a yyj hybrid


I am looking for a nice yyj hybrid. I have not heard much on any but i am intrigued. I have tried a legacy 2 and was not too crazy about it. Also, I am getting a new breed so count that one out. I prefer midsized to fullsized, and a little float. Any suggestions?


although I have not tried it, the Cerberus sounds good for you if a little big is ok. Also the inspire is supposed to be awesome.


If you are referring to response, I believe the only hybrids they still make are the Speed Maker and the KickSide

Otherwise, define hybrid


By hybrid, I mean part metal and part plastic


OK. I guess I’m outta touch then. Hybrid has always been defined as a response type to me - 1/2 starburst, 1/2 sticker or o-ring.

So then referring to the yoyo materials or construction, my opinion of the current line up is DM II hands down.


The Fever DEFINITELY. It’s fast and floaty, my favorite plastic-metal hybrid other than the PHENOMizm.




The Dark Magic 2 is a lot of fun if you’re just starting out. It’s stable and will keep learning tricks easy.

The Inspire is also good because it’s got a nice shape and is a little bit faster than the Dark Magic 2. It costs about $20 more though.

I also really like the Fever. It’s very fast, and has a different shape. It’s not too stable, though.

I’ve also tried out a Phenomizm, but I wasn’t too big of a fan of it. I like the Phenom better.


We’ve determined by hybrid you mean metal and plastic in the body construction. Does this also extend to metal weight rings on a plastic body, such as the Vexed, SFX and Phenomizm, just to name a few?

I think due to the patents, YYJ has exclusivity on this kind of market and they make many excellent models using this type of construction. I’m also looking to buy a few more to add to my collection that I enjoy.

Of what I have that matches your criteria is the DM2. While the Legacy II is the all-plastic DM2, the DM2 in my opinion does play superior and different. Another model is the Speeder 2 if you like speedy yoyos.

The Vexed and Phenomizm have weight rings. The Speeder 2 is essentially all plastic except for the brass weight rims. The VEXED was not a model that interested me, but I got one at BAC 2012 as part of my payment. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised with this yoyo.

I’m not sure if you’d consider the Theory in the right category for you. It’s a metal with plastic end caps, kind of a reverse of the rest of the stuff you’re looking at.

Other models that probably satisfy your needs are models I am looking to buy soon:
SFX, Revolution, SR-71 and the Inspire. Also worth noting as an item of interest: most of these come with 2 bearings: slim for responsive play, YYJ Speed bearing for unresponsive play.

No offense intended towards YYJ but they are more of a commodity type yoyo for their plastics and metal/plastic models. By that I mean they tend to be something that is readily stocked and can be picked up whenever you want it. This is a good thing.


the sr71 has been my favorite with the phenomizm being a close second but the vigilante looks super interesting


The Vigilante is great.


Thanks for all the help guys! I went with the nickel played sr71, new breed a d pewter summit.