Yoyojam fever

Just wondered if anyone has the yoyojam fever.
If you have one, please write what you think.

Please reply ;D


It’s not bad. I’d say on par with most YYJ hybrid throws, more stable than most of the older ones. I don’t like the high inner walls, snags too easily on binds, but it’s a fun throw to pick up from time to time.

It’s not awful, but if you were gonna go for a hybrid, i would check out the Inspire, also by YYJ

Wait are we calling Bi-metals hybrids now?

'Cause I remember when Hybrid referred to the response system.

Any how I haven’t heard much about the Fever but I know the new YYJs are all pretty good.

I thought hybrids were those with the mixed response systems.

Bi-Metal refers to 2 metals being used, such as the Anglam would qualify with the titanium ring in the aluminum, or the brass rings on the outer rims of the Next Level or the two different metals in the Phenom.

YYJ seems to be experts in plastic/metal designs.

Now, back onto topic:
I’ve heard mixed things regarding the Fever, so if you can try first, then do so. The Vexed is great, and the Inspire is only a bit more. I’m aiming for a Next Level at Nationals.

There’s plenty of reviews on the Fever out there. Check out the one on YoYoSkills. While it’s not favorable, it is fair and highly usable and you can apply that towards what you want to think about. Who knows, it may even make you want to buy it.