Favorite yyj hybrid?


My dark magic II broke a while back, and I’m looking for another yyj hybrid because I miss the feel of it, but I don’t want the same thing twice so please reccomend your favorite Yoyojam hybrid

(Rock Shouse) #2


(Rock Shouse) #3

Oh…a hybrid?..huh? Dah! The Vexed!


You could also put how it plays


Inspire is the best in my opinion

If you just want a top notch performing plastic though there’s cheaper options like the Crazy D and Rally which are better in my opinion


I really like the feel of the SFX, doesn’t get enough credit.


Does anyone reccomend the fever or sr-71? Also I don’t need a plastic, I got the northstar. Oh and I also have the hitman pro


Define what you mean by “hybrid”. Traditionally a “hybrid” is a yoyo with a combination o-ring and starburst response, as was the original DMII. Today people erroneously call a YYJ plastic with metal rims a “hybrid”. that is wrong. Nor are they “bi-metal” which would infer they are made of two different metals. Since they are plastic with a metal ring, you could conceivably call them “bi-material” yoyos. But I prefer just to call them yoyos with metal rings.


The classic is well liked, so the Ringmaster must be good.


Oooh I like my YYJ Xlr8 an inspire there awesome the XLR8 however is more for the fun of it because it has a LOT of center weight.


Get phenom or h3x



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(Cerulean) #15

I really like the X-Convict. I haven’t used any newer yoyojams but the X-Convict and the Hitman are still great.


How does the xlr8 play? I can’t find many reviews