Hitman X

I thought you Yoyojam fans would enjoy this (via Yoyoskills) :

Is this the return of JD to competition ? I assume this is just an anniversary edition of the Hitman, not a new one?

And mods, I’m sorry if this is the wrong section, I couldn’t really decide.

This is me completely guessing here, but I think it’s probably more of an anniversary type remake thing. If I recall correctly, JD is a high-ranking judge so I doubt he’s returning to competition.

I talked to JD about the Hitman X the other day.

All I’m willing to share is stuff I’ve seen YYJ share. It’s pretty much a re-issue of the original. Instead of the older axle system, it’s using the solid spin axle. Instead of the o-rings or hybrid response, it’s YYJ’s standard silicone o-rings.

There will be a special edition available at Worlds, then there will be regular models available after Worlds.

I played an original Hitman a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it. I look forward to this release.

I don’t feel this is exactly just an anniversary remake. I think that was the initial concept but I think it’s more than that now. I doubt he’s going to return to competition.

No, it’s not the return of JD to competition. He’s released/re-released a few signature models recently and I don’t see him competing. I assume he’s too busy judging, running his store, and recently busy with managing contests to compete. And on top of that he has his every day life. I’m sure he still throws regularly, but I don’t think he will be competing.

If YYJ wants to do things right they should stop making these hybrid models that are extremely unpopular within the majority of the yoyo community right now and move to a metal focus.

If they did the metal hitman, my goodness, they’d be on top. It’s like they don’t want to try or something, I don’t get it.

To me it seems like the only good YYJ’s are JD signatures haha.

One can only hope for JD to compete again… I do agree that a metal Hitman would be amazing. It seems like a lot of people want one, so why not make one?

If Studio is right and this isn’t an Anniversary Edition, I’m definitely going to pick one up, along with an XLR8. I like the look of the caps on these.

Couldn’t agree more. I don’t quite understand what they’re thinking…

Yeah. I just think they should cut all the hybrid models except for the most popular two or so, and every so often have “throwback” releases where they release old hybrid models, which would be quickly bought up. But I really think they should get 5 high end metal yoyos out there, 2 budget metals, 2 hybrids, 2 high performance plastics, and 2 regular plastics.

I’m not sure exactly what YYJ’s mindset is.

I think one of the thoughts are “the community itself NEEDS more affordable yoyos”. I can counter this by pointing out YYJ’s current product line. While it is true that more are needed, I think there is currently a good amount of variety in the sub-$60 market. I won’t lie, having more is better.

JD won Worlds 10 years ago. So many new people have come and gone in that time frame. How many people want these? Who knows. I can only speak for myself. I do want some of these older yoyos, and if they are being updated, then I’m fine with that.

YYJ does have a decent metal focus with the Diamondback, Phenom and Next Level being their flagship models at the moment. The Theory, despite the plastic caps, is still a competition beast. Isn’t the Inspire a metal/plastic as well? I say as long as they are making good product, then I don’t really care. I am excited to see things like the Hitman X hit the market. I would also like to see a re-released Speeder(not 2, I like the Speeder 2 as it is) with modern insides.

Indeed. You ‘do not quite understand’ what ‘they’ are thinking.

I wish it was ‘ok’ to show you guys some picks of YYJ prototypes that I have. Including Full Titanium models and half Titanium throws. And several hybrids and all plastic yoyos, too.

Dale makes stuff at just about every pricepoint. You guys would be amazed at how much stuff is going on at YYJ.

One morning Dale and I were discussing a Concept that he was getting ‘mental’ about. We bounced around some ideas(he did most of the talking and I did most of the listening, lol). Then we got off the phone around 11am. He not only made up the design and programmed it, but finished it that same afternoon and Fedx’d it to me by 10:30 the very next morning! It was soooooo darn cool, he just wanted me have one to ‘fiddle around with’.

At any moment of any day, Dale has at least 6 different yoyo designs rolling around at the shop.

So even though you say you ‘don’t quite understand what they are thinking’. < if you looked at the long term picture and I could share a little more with you than I already have, you would really have a much Clearer idea that YYJ is thinking. And that is a pretty good example of an ‘Understatement’.

You will see soon enough…


Honestly, I hope so.

YYJ has SO much potential to be every bit as good as YYF is, even better.

They just… aren’t… doing it.

I’m glad they have some stuff in the works. I’ve been waiting for years to see some of the stuff you’re talking about, so let’s get-a-goin.

But I like hybrid models. :’(

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I saw a vid on yoyo skills about JDs New hit man x

What are your guys thoughts

YoyoJam is already better. Their plastics are smoother, and imo, play better. They know how to rock old-school style highwalled yoyos, as well as new-school H-Shapes an V-Shapes.

Also, I really don’t get the BiMaterial hate. It’s a plastic body, with metal rims, that plays very well, at a more affordable price.

Quite honestly, I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time.


First off, every metal/plastic yoyo that I’ve played has been very good. I don’t understand the hate for them in this thread; they’re Yoyojam’s specialty and legacy, and it would be a shame to give that up. And they HAVE been releasing many metal yoyos recently.

And in regards to the Hitman X, my first thought when I saw it was: YESSSSS!!! I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Though it’s also sort of bad timing, because I just completed a trade for an OG Hitman…


AHHHHHH!!! After the Hitman Pro I never thought this would happen, and now that it has, I’m pumped! OH YEAAAAAAAAH!!!

Edit: Now that I’m calmed down, this is what I’m excited for:
The extremely comfortable rounded rims and high wall of the original Hitman/Lyn Fury.
Solid Spin Axle for durability (my Hitman is cracked everywhere).
Mold marks hidden inside the caps.
Silicone response.
Low price for a yoyo made in the USA.
Hitting the gym without sleeves.

I wish they had a more “Old YoYoJam” style feel to the caps. I might make some when I get mine.

You never know, they might still change them.

I’m more excited for this than any other YYJ right now. I wonder how this will compare to the Hitman pro, I really want a new pocket throw and what can I say. It’s JD approved.

The hitman Pro is one of the worst yoyos I’ve owned IMO. I love the original hitman and I own two of them. Hopefully this one will make up for the disappointment of the pro. It looks like its gonna play similar to the original which is a great thing.

From what I can see in the video, it seems like they kept the shape of the original (hopefully the size, too) and just modernized the insides.