My essence has a little bit of vibe! Please help!

As said in the title, my A-grade General Yo Essence has a tiny bit of vibe. I got it from a trade, but it is totally mint and I don’t know how the vibe could have happened. It might just be overly sensitive to vibe but I’m not sure. You can feel the vibe on the string. How do I fix it!?!?!?!?!

it could be a crooked axle, stripped threads. all i can think of. jhb and icky know more i bet

A yoyo can have a vibration due to damage without actually having surface damage. It may look mint, but it’s not.

Ok, but is there a way to fix it?

Most likely.


First thing is first I would try to take everything apart (carefully) and see what there is. Does the yo-yo screw and un-screw smoothly? What is the condition of the axle/bearing? What kind of response is in there and how is it working? Just check your blocks if you have not done so already. As to what to do after I don’t know much someone more experienced will have to weigh in, but they are probably going to want to know the details on those things anyway. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

you may have to tune it. this is done by slowly screwing the yoyo together like so:

That’s how you tune a bape anyway. I imagine it’s the same with other yoyos.

Or… just deal with it. a tiny amount of vibe really doesn’t matter. hell, as long as it’s not wobbling out of control, it’s fine. my protostar was overtightened by the previous owner, and it has a moderately bad pulsing vibe, yet it’s still a great yoyo.

As suggested check the axle to see if it’s bent. Also check the condition of the pads. A frayed pad can induce a small, noticeable vibe. Otherwise the adjustment noted above may work. What I’ve done is to estimate how deep the axle goes in to the yoyo when it’s centered, then fill the holes w/paper to that depth. Screw in the axle and it’s as centered as it needs to be. Or live with it as noted.