I want to tune a couple yoyos with slight vibe but I have no idea how to… So what exactly would I have to do?

First off a little more information is needed.

What yoyos? How are you identifying the vibe? How much vibe we talking about? Is the vibe bad enough to affect play or just bad enough to affect ‘you’?

Have you already checked the ‘How to tune yoyos’ posts in that section of the Forum.

Asking simply how to fix vibe is like saying, ‘My bicycle isn’t working right; how do I fix it’?

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Just a few things to try that have helped me before:

  Clean and lube the bearing.  

  Try a different bearing.

  Take the axle out and flip it.  Try both yoyo halves.

  Use a bit of Loctite on the axle to get it in snug.

Like doc said, we need more info. Couple common:
Needs to be tightened more
Miss aligned rings
Swap bearings around
Teflon tape axel (or loctite)
Switch axel out (or flip around)

There are more ways, those are just a few I can think of

Thanks guys, I got all the information I needed and tuned successfully.

I tried all of those things and still have some finger nail vibe. Thanks

not all vibe is tunable. especially if vibe happened from a good knock.

Does the yoyo have a lot of damage? If not, it is most likely tune able. If it really bothers you and you can’t get it, send it to me and I’ll try to tune it. No promises that I can tune it though.