Stuck spacer

I just recently got my PSG, and it was giving MAD vive. When I opened it, I noticed one of the spacers were put on the wrong way, does anyone have any idea on how to get that spacer out?

Be gentle. Don’t ruin it. Good luck…

Can you get the axle out? If not get some players and grip the little hub and pull up. And as mentioned above, be gentle.

On the PSG the caps are usually glued but can be popped out. If you can remove the axel find something similar (you don’t mind mangling) and place it in the spacer and rock it gently like you would a bearing removal tool. Again be careful, gentle and good luck.

I advise against grabbing tools on the outside of the spacer as it will more than likely gouge the aluminum.

How would I be able to pop off the caps? I tried pushing down on the axle but to no avail, any ideas?

It may be the worst answer… push harder. I have done it takes a little something extra.

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I guess this is where boys become men.