Removing Spacer From Axle Side Of Yo-Yo w/out Tool


I’ve been trying to change out my spacers for some new ones considering they’re a bit beat up, but on the side with the axle, I haven’t been able to pull it out since I’ve been using the axle itself to kind of jiggle out the spacer on the other side. Currently, until I have enough money for a Horizon, I’ve been using a YYF Velocity. I’ve have quite a bit of trouble with this, I’ve tried using the axle to grab onto the spacer and grab it out using the treads, but it didn’t work like it did on my friend’s FH Zero. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Check here…

Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

Near the bottom of the first post are four links to solutions to your problem.


Thank you very much, my dude! Helped a lot. Many thanks.