spacer help

my duncan speed beetle it came with spacers is that good or bad for looping?

bad for looping but slightly (Yes, Very Slightly) better for string tricks.

now heres a question they wont come out how do i take them out

take some pliers and slightly wiggle it and pull at the some time should come right out. it dosent realy mater what pliers you use along as you can get a grip on it. also you can take the axle and put it in ther a lil and wiggle it around wile pulling up a bit and should come out. hope that helped. later.

keep it spinning.

ya um that would’ve helped but one of them came in the wrong way got any tips for that one?

If its on the non-axle side you can sometimes you the axle itself to pry it out of the yo-yo - kind of sliding it into the middle and wiggling it out. If it is on the axle side of the yo-yo try and get something really thin in between the spacer and the yo-yo.
You can also try carefully slamming the axle flat onto the floor and watch to see if it loosens at all - just be careful not to do this too hard and bend the axle - although the are built pretty tough.

Let us know how it goes!

it worked thx but now without the spacers its to thin to roll up the string and it still is with one

i cant yoyo its to thin to roll up

You have to put them back in.