Adegle Asteroid - anyone held or throw one yet?

So I was over at and he has some picks of the new Adegle Asteroid - wasn’t sure if anyone knew more about it, played with one, etc… if you look at the picks looks like their Comet, only plastic. The green looks pretty sick. I happened to notice a different sight has picks of it in a neon orange and neon yellow, too. I wouldn’t mind getting a green and orange and combo-ing them.

I really enjoy my PSG, as do my kids (got each of them one for Valentines, 4 kids+4 pack = good deal)… I haven’t tried any of their metals…

It drops Feb. 27.
That’s all I know.

We will have a countdown very soon. Plays great. Similar to PSG but more angular shape. Nice in contrast.

It’s gonna be EPIC!!

I have played with one.

They feel more solid than the psg, due to the aluminum around the hub under the cap.

They play almost entirely different from psg, so go get one, or all three.

Plays really well. Different from the psg, not as floaty.

This is by far the best 15.00 yoyo around. Highly highly recommend.

I got mine as soon as they became dropped, and if it wasn’t for other obligations, I’d be playing it way more. The PSG and Asteroid are amazing and not just for the price either. The Asteroid has got some real major potential in it, being a serious option for a Protostar or Northstar and competing at levels the Northstar and Protostar were competing at, and those regularly compete with metals in serious competitions.

At CalStates, someone made it to 1A finals and was using a Starlite in prelims and finals. So don’t tell me inexpensive plastics aren’t serious yoyos. I hear Ann Connelly was using Starbrites at EYCC this year.

Jayyo used a PSG in his 5A. I think he would have used an Asteroid if he had one.

Buy an Asteroid. Thank me later!

I think it is better than the psg. It is definetly bigger and more comfortable.

My psg is way too light. How could I mod it so that it would be heavier? Thank god the Asteroid is heavier.

You could pop the caps out and put big orings in then seal it up. Or you could try putting clay in there.

Also I enjoy my Asteroid a good bit. c=

It just feels like I would break it if i tried to pop the caps off. How would I even do that?

Well it depends. Some runs had their caps glued in but if yours aren’t this is how you’d do it.

It’s not the same yoyo but it should be done the same way. Also I don’t think the caps will come out super easy but it shouldn’t be really hard.

Also something I stumbled upon