Anyone got their Asteroid yet?

So, I saw that new Asteroid yoyo, seems cool, and best of all, cheap, and was wondering if anyone got it yet and has anything to say about it because I was thinking about gettin one. So, anything yet?

Yes. I got mine yesterday. Sweet!

Get it. You’ll thank me later. I’m gonna get a green and pink to complete the set with my yellow. Bright colors. This yoyo puts a whole new angle on cheap plastics. It’s cheap, it’s plastic, and it’s gonna change a lot of people’s minds about cheap plastics. There’s already GOOD cheap plastics. Well, now here’s something MUCH better.

I also picked up a PSG at the same time. Oh man, good stuff!

(Sorry, I bought from a competitor, but hey, I have to sometimes spread the love around a bit!)

I got it from the same place as Studio. Gotta say I love it. It actually dethroned the PSG for my go-plastic. My only regret is getting Fat Kitty String instead of normal. Ill need to trade it

Here’s another ditto… this thing is crazy cool. Has a nice weight, feels great, spins nice… for $16 you can’t miss! I grabbed the eye melting green…

To top it off, my little girl (6) grabbed it and was brain twisting, binding and loving it (up to now she’s only liked the PSG and Cafe Racer)… which means I’ll be needing to pick up a pink one - anyone get a pink one yet? Is it really pink? First picks I saw made it look more fluorescent orange - I think here on YYE it lists as red, on another site it said pink…

Anyhow - grab one - you’ll have a blast with it!

I think sometimes those posting up the colors use best judgement. The yellow was like a day-glow yellow so I suspect the green is loud and bright too. I would suspect the pink is. I think it will be pink because you can get it brighter and LOUD seems to be the color-scheme for the Asteroid. The colors on the box don’t represent the colors properly.

Not to mention another site, but they had the Meteor on sale and instead of saying “teal blue” like they do here on YYE, the other site says “turquoise”. Whatever, same thing.

How does the Asteroid and PSG compare to the YYF competition Star plastics (Starlite, Proto, North)

That’s tricky… I really do like both PSG & Asteroid - BUT both have a feel and look of cheap plastic, kinda weird (my kids like the plastic better than the stars) - I’m no grinding expert, but it can get clingy (but the stars aren’t really grinders, either). The Asteroid is heftier, compared to the PSG, and that’s a good thing (I wish the PSG was a little heavier, love the shape). I’m not a ‘vibe’ person - but the PSG is a little vibey compared to Asteroid or the Stars…

The Asteroid can keep up with a proto or north, especially if you upgrade the bearing

I’m not a fan of the bearing in either (PSG or Asteroid) - slip a 10ball and you’re running smooth…

The big difference is the price, with the exception of the Starbrite (same price as either PSG or Asteroid) - the Proto and North are more than twice the price - so you could grab an Asteroid and a 10ball (about $24) and have money left over… back to the starbrite it’s really light weight and comes with a standard bearing - proto and north come with center track bearings; this can be good or bad, depending on how you feel about center track bearings compared to flat.

I like the proto, the north is really similar in shape, but honestly feels a little more weighty (it actually is, but not by much), I think it clunks on the end of the string… however I like the catch zone on the asteroid better… and the Asteroid (and PSG) have completely different shapes - between each other or the stars (all the stars are so close in shape, including the little one of the family - pop star)…

Don’t know if that answers the question - my advice - order a PSG, Asteroid and a 10ball ($40, that’s $5 more than 1 north or proto) or for a few more dollars more make it a center track (be sure you like them first).

Seriously, you’ll have a good time with either of these…

Thanks so much! I think I’ll go order one tomorrow! I think I’ll get the green one with a bearing or somethin. Thanks for the input, anymore is welcome anyway!

it’s a really good player. i’ve changed the silicone and now it’s perfect! you must try this one. you will not be dissapointed. ;D