YYf Starbrite or Adegle PSG

I wanted to know which one performs better since they are in the came price range.

I got a PSG, an Asteroid and a Starbrite within days of each other. I go back and forth between these three. It does really come down to preferences. I thnk the Starbrite is a bit too light, while the PSG and Asteroid are better weighted.

I think Studio hit it home with his post. The starbrite is a bit too light for me, while both the PSG and the Ateroid seem to be better weighted. The PSG and Asteroid are great. It really comes down to preference in the end. I like the look of the PSG, but the shape of the Asteroid is more appealing in my opinion, because it forces weight towards the rim. The PSG also feels a tad bit light. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i will get the PSG

Dont know if anyone really cares but im good at yoyoing but i want a yoyo i can learn 1A with and i only have $35 so would you reccomend a starbrite or a asteroid or something else.

With your budget I would look at the protostar.

i really like the starbrite, but then again i like light yo-yos. also, i personally prefer the psg over the asteroid.

Good number.

Protostar and Northstar top out that list as far as price. Same price, different weights, hence some slightly different performance from the same shape.
The Chaser is cheaper and just a different experience. Just use the wide bearing.
The Legacy II is nice as well. Again, use the wide bearing.
If you’re into the shape the Die-Nasty is great too

Still, for the money, the PSG and Asteroid play up there with the Protostar and/or Northstar, and those last two compete regularly with metals and hold their own, and believe me when I say the Asteroid and PSG do in fact hold their own as well.

For the money, you could get the PSG and/or Asteroid and/or the Starbright(pick 2).

So many good choices. Just depends on what you’re really looking for.

I have all the stuff I’ve mentioned. I speak from my experience.