Adegle asteroid vs yyf starlite

Hey everyone, I’m relatively new to yoyoing and I have a yyf whip, but I want to upgrade. Would you guys recommend the asteroid or starlite? I will be getting the shinwoo griffin wing and a stackless grind machine as well if i get the asteroid, and just the stackless grind machine if i get the starlite :slight_smile: thanks

Well, if you’re fairly new, then I guess you don’t have any preferences…

The Starlite glows in the dark, which is nice. It also comes with a Center Trak bearing, if you like that.

The Asteroid has outstanding performance at a low price. It is a little big though, so that’s one thing you might want to consider. If you like large yo-yos, then it shouldn’t really be a problem. It’s just a little larger than the already full-sized Starlite.

The Starlight is a lighter Protostar/Northstar. But at the same point, it doesn’t quite play like them. It’s close, but not quite. The only part I like about the Starlight is that it glows. But, I have a Die-Nasty and it glows too.

The Starbrite is even lighter, but seems to perform a bit better in my opinion. It’s cheaper too.

The Asteroid I feel is much better than both. The colors are quite “loud” and are attention getters for sure. Good weight, good performance, amazing price. It plays up there with the Protostar and Northstar, and those two go head to head with metals.

Bringing up the Whip: It’s fun, but not enough weight.

Onto your other choices:
The stackless grind machine also is a good 5A player. I like the fact that it’s so cheap, yet gives you multiple play options.

The Griffin Wing is a great starter 4A that you CAN compete with. Just be warned that the caps can pop, that’s the ONLY negative about it. Don’t let that prevent you from buying it. It’s cheap and seems to be able to handle my frequent drops. It’s cheap only in price. It’s also an A-sized bearing, but that just means it will spin faster. Clean the bearing and it performs better. I’m cleaning that bearing this weekend now that you got me thinking about it.

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Studio mentioned the starbrite. Hate to add to your choices, but i think that is the best out of all that were mentioned.

I had a starbrite, and I just got an asteroid. As much as I thought I hated Adegle from the PSG (big disappointment), the asteroid I really like. Great size and weight

If you’re going to get a cheap yoyo get a Magic YoYo those are all great yoyos.

I feel the StarLite far outplays the Asteroid or StarBrite. It’s almost up there with the NorthStar/ProtoStar and even preferable if you’re a big fan of lighter throws. The Asteroid and StarBrite still play well for their price though.