Starlite an ok yoyo to learn on?


So I just got back into yoyo’ing after a looooong hiatus to say the very least. I didnt have any of my old yoyo’s and my apartment so i decided to go buy one. I did some research and saw people suggesting yoyo’s like the dark magic 2 as well the lyn furry, and kickside and others. I talked to a co worker of mine and he suggested getting the starlite, and thats what i ended up getting. Ive read on here and other forums about some yoyo’s being more stable than others. I was wondering if the starlite is an ok yoyo to learn tricks on and if it was more or less stable than other yoyo’s. If this is in the wrong section sorry didnt know where else to put it.

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Protostar is my recommendation for experienced players.
PRotostar s also a GOOD beginner yoyo.
Velocity is the basic yoyo for all starters.
Mainly because it can go from responsive to unresponsive
If you alerady know how to bind the protostar is the best bet.
If you dont mind heavy yoyos the northstar is also pretty good but its heavier then the protostar.

For metal recommendations : Please do not buy this until you buy a plastic and get the feeling of a unresponsive



From what ive read isnt the starlight almost the same as the prostar except the prostar has metal rings on the outside. Ive gotten used to the unresponsiveness of the starlite im mainly looking to see if there is a yoyo thats more stable than this one or if the starlite is just as stable as any other yoyo.


The Starlite is a great yoyo for learning tricks on! I know a couple of people who’ve gotten into yoyo-ing on a Starlite. It’s very stable and a great budget yoyo.


Got a starlite and love it. It isn’t as stable as some metals I own, obviously, but it can do any of the combos that I can throw at it. It is a great Yoyo to learn and grow on.


awesome thanks!!


The starlite is a great yoyo to learn on! It is pretty stable and spins long. It can easily be used to learn tricks with. But if you were looking more into future purposes, the protostar is amazing and about the same price plus I have been yoyoing for 2 years and like it more then some high end metals.


the person who suggested the starlite to me has a prostar so i may have to see if i can give his a try


Two of my kids are learning yoyo and I’m trying to get them through the beginner tricks and onto the bind before upgrading. One has picked a Starlite. I’m not into arguing this point. The kids are using ONE’s now with the slim bearing. The other wants a Protostar in red.


Quick tip: If you would like to make your starlite a little heavier and spin a little longer, you can put o-rings (found at any hardware store) around the round hubs in the middle.