Starlite help


ok so im getting bored with my protostar and i want a shape of that yoyo and a plastic of yff i was thinking of getting a Starlite by YoYoFactory do you think its good? plz reply and help


Just get it; it is worth it and plays like butter. However it is very similar to the protostar so you prolly will get bored quickly so recommend a YYJ plastic.


Well, I pretty much think that the Protostar is as good if not better than the Starlite. But you’re getting bored. Yes, the Starlite is a great yoyo, glows in the dark too.

Try some YYJ’s if you haven’t already, they’re great too like the Legacy.


plastic grind machine… the hubstacks are definatly different so you might not get bored as fast


Actually, you’ll get bored of the hubstacks faster than the yoyo itself.


i have to agree with skeleton… sometimes you don’t even notice your yoyo has hubstacks hehe


hubstacks have their15 minutes of fame. Ripcord starting and stuff is fun but in the end, unless you have z stack, there isn’t much you can do


Dont get a starlite if you already have a protostar. Its just a protostar but lighter. If you like the Protostar shape, get the northstar. If you want something totally new, consider a DV888, or if you have the money, a rockstar which is also similiar in shape to the protostar.


Thanks People i just ended up getting a CATALYST and a Wooly Marmot and a ROCKstar


or if you have a 54 with rsms :stuck_out_tongue:


If you had that much cash why did you consider a starlight.


because i got some money from doing alot chores while you guys were discussing and i scrapped up all the money to get all of the three yoyos


Umm, I don’t even remember posting here, and the Catylist was out in May? Woah, feels like it came out a lot later.

Edit: Oh yeah don’t post in old threads kids.