YYF Starlight

This is my only yoyo from yyf.I was thinking of getting a new 1 ,but i don’t know how good my starlight so please tell me if u liked it and some of its faults. ;D

Well, how good the yoyo is, is completely opinions.
But you can see the stats and info on the Starlite, if you just go to the shop section and click on the Starlite. there will be information about it in the Bottom Left side. :wink:

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Its as good as the person playing with it :wink:

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id suggest getting a protostar or a northstar instead. True, they are much cheaper and play pretty much the same although the starlites are not durable at all. They are very easy to crack so paying the extra 11 or 12 bucks is worth it beacuse it will last longer. But all in all it plays very very good. One thing i do have to complain about is the weight distribution. The weight rings are made of plastic instead of metal like a northstar so they aren’t as stable during fast play. One thing i really like doing is setting up a couple of black lights and put a neon yellow string on the starlite and play with it in the dark. It has a very cool glow in the dark effect. :slight_smile:

Yeah I would go for it if it plays like my ProtoStar! If you can I would take kermalkersh888’s advice and go for the ProtoStar or the NorthStar if durability is something you care about.

IMO a Protostar would be better. What other yoyo’s have you owned? what’s your preference? Give more info.

Starlight is great. It’s kinda like a Protostar but the Protostar uses weight rings. Both are great, I prefer Protostar.

the starlite uses weight rings but they’re plastic… protostar is awesome…or if u didint like the starlite like alot myabey go for a dv888 if u want a metal…