starlight vs protostar

So the starlight is supposed to be a glowing version of the protostar that has plastic rimweight instead of metal. The stats are close but who has thrown both, or at least thrown the starlight and can say what’s good and bad about it?

I’ve thrown both and I’d say they’re both fantastic throws! good sleep time, response doesn’t snag (once broken in a bit), and they both have great weight distribution imo. I have a northstar and i love it but my friends have a starlite and a protostar and you can’t go wrong either way! Although just a side note, the starlite (and the protostar even) to some feel hollow, i don’t think they do but that’s what I’ve heard. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply. Figured with the high marks people give to the protostar and most yyf stuff for that matter, the starlight would be a fun little glowing throw to take camping or to night parties and such.

I’ve played with many plastics including those listed. However, I continue to go back to my Starlite because I love it so much. Everything about it is awesome.

Of course you can’t go wrong with the Protostar, Northstar, or Starlite.

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I like both and owned both, just traded my Starlite last week. My preference is the protostar. I liked them both, but for me I just liked the feel and the way the protostar felt. I still have my protostar (My very first yoyo) and traded the Starlite for a YYJ Destiny. You can’t go wrong either way, if it is money issue go with the Starlite. If money isn’t an issue, I’d give the protostar a try.

do you have a Northstar?? if so i would get that.
if you want to get a startlite, you need to put it near a lamp to make it glow better. although, with the protostar its just the same but doesnt really do anything. both play awesome. so if you want to do a show in the dark, Starlite, just play for fun, Protostar

See, i threw the north star and I didn’t like it. I was there when it was released at worlds 2010 and I had every intentions of buying one, I wanted to buy one, I was ready to buy one, threw it a couple of times and just didn’t like the feel of it at all. I know it won world’s in 2010 and all, but I just didn’t like it, but I know a lot of people do, so don’t take my word for it, but I thought it strange that I loved the protostar, thought the starlite was alright, and then really disliked the north star. Doesn’t make sense but those were just my feelings.

i just like the weight better than the protostar, so thats why i like the northstar

Just used the starlite at a black light party with neon string. That thing looks sweet. In the dark it does glow but since you can’t see the string I don’t think it looks as cool. If your going for novelty and GitD ability starlite, if you want a player with better weigh IMO go proto.

Key concept I’ve been saying here shown above: if you can try before you buy, then please, by all means DO SO! In this case he tried before he bought, but he didn’t like it, so he didn’t buy it. It proves also that yoyos can be quite personal. It’s not a “one size fits all”.

Regardless of his feelings towards the Northstar, I like the heavier yoyos and so I’ll buy one and probably really enjoy it.

I do own a Protostar. I can’t say anything negative. I can’t say it’s thrilling me either. It’s a good solid fun throw. I’m glad I have it. For my glowing needs, I have the glowing DieNasty.

Thanks to everyone for the help will end up getting both one day