Starlite or NorthStar

So I have been looking into getting a cheap new throw and narrowed it down bettween these two which one has the best stability ,performance and how well does the starlite light up

The northstaris IMO the best Plastic ever released so that is the easy choice. The starlite is cool and plays well but nothing compared to the northstar. It glows pretty well but that’s nothing the pertains to performance.


If you’re asking Starlight or Northstar, you need to consider, based on the pricing, the Starbrite and the Protostar.

Argument for the Starbrite: As part of the Neon series, that’s been discontinued and so supplies are limited. Solid player, good performer, all the stuff you want and like, without the weight. A nice little buy, I just wish they had a neon blue, so I ended up with green.

Starlight: Sure, I’ll get one soon. I could use a second glow in the dark yoyo to go with my DieNasty. It CAN be quite bright, but it won’t last that long, 5-10 minutes top before it starts to die down a bit. I’m assuming it’s like the DieNasty in those regards. It is bright enough for performance in the dark. You can get a couple of small UV lights to charge it up, it glows brighter.

Now, going back to the “in general”:
I like and have both the Protostar AND the Northstar. I like the Northstar better. Why? I like the weight better. Same price for both, so you shop by the performance you want based on the weight. While the Starlight is cheaper than the Protostar and the Starbrite even less than that, you’re using the same shape, just shopping by “weight”. All are decent throws, you should like any of those.

I think anyone thats serious about yoyos should do their best to try out StarLite, ProtoStar, NorthStar… Basically the only difference is the weight so you can find out what you like best… Light medium or heavy. I have all 3 and I prefer a little weight to my throws so I prefer the NorthStar. I heard the StarLite has more weight distribution because of the special plastic it’s made of though sooo I’m not sure about that.

DONT GET STARLITE! it has a serious cracking problem and it wobbled like crazy after the first crack and actually managed to ruin the bearing and any you put in it. northstar looks awesome and everyone says its the best plastic so buy a northstar.

As long as we’re necroing, my Protostar cracked, but people say YYF has great customer service…

When did we necro? It has only been 8 days.

Both are really nice and it’s all a matter of preference. But if you’re after stability the NorthStar has the edge.

I would suggest you contact YYF if your StarLite was defective, I know that there were issues with the NorthStar cracking but YYF made changes in later production runs to solve this problem. I think slight changes were also made to later runs of StarLite.

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iys too late now and a light tap cracks the rims but most people dont notice it and mine came with cracks and it like selfdestructed. also i bought a new one cuz im more carefull now because ii am more advanced but still…