Northstar Pros and Cons?

Well i already have a starlite and was wondering if i should get a northstar. Cuz i see everybody playing with one of these and i have been wondering is there a difference? And if there isnt a difference then why dont people just buy a starlite since its cheaper? And is there such a big diff is it worth buying a northstar when i have a starlite?

They are both very similar, just the Northstar is a tad heavier. Also, the Northstar is prone to cracking if you overtighten it. If you already have a Starlight, I’d get something else. I also think people got the Northstar because it was "Jensen Kimmit the World Champion’s yoyo). Hope I helped!

That, or it was really, really good. I liked everything but the shape. It’s weird that I played one for so long and didn’t mind.

I have a Protostar which is pretty similar. When the Northstar came out I debated buying one seeing as how I liked heavier yoyos. One day, at a party, I ran into another thrower (first time I had ever met someone else who yoyoed) who had his Northstar on him. He let me try it out and it was great, but it felt almost exactly like my Protostar. So I decided against buying a Northstar.

Point is, if you want something different, then get something different. If you already have a Starlite, a Northstar will be a little different but not much. The extra weight and momentum will give it a slightly longer spin time, but it will otherwise feel and play much the same (though a tad slower).

I would suggest that you try and explore different materials, shapes and sizes, as well as different weights. Try and H-shape, or get a classic butterfly shape, or try an undersized yoyo or maybe even get a metal. There’s a lot to discover; I think you’d be missing out by getting something so similar.

the starlite is the same shape as several other yyf yoyos, including the northstar.
(that I can think of, there was northstar, protostar, starlite, protege (undersized, but same shape), rockstar, popstar, and catalyst. they aren’t all the same identical shape, but they’re all astoundingly similar)

That being said, I think for a next throw you should go with something different. the more different the better. maybe a dv888, or a raptor. or check out the b/s/t.

I have Lots of Yo-yo’s.
I like so many of them.

I have 2 Northstars, 1 Starlite and 1 Protostar.

The Northstars are used every day and I like them so much I am getting a third one to set up for counterweight use.
I use the starlite for Glow and Blacklight use. I have some Glow strings on it.

The Northstar plays a little heavier than the Starlight, but in a way I like.
They are very, very similar.

I have not had a cracking problem with any of my yoyo’s and the Northstar feels quite solid.

If you want to set the northstar up differently to your starlite and you can spare the cash then go for it. If you like the way the starlight plays and want something similar but not the same then get the northstar.

If you want something different, then get something different.

I hope this helps.


I have a Northstar and Starlite. My Starlite sees frequent play but I never touch my Northstar.

thanks gusy :smiley: