Starlite Good or bad?

Is the starlite as good as the original protostar or is the starlite just a watered down protostar? O and i am a intermediate to advanced yoyo player

From what I can tell they’re the same.

If you want a faster protostar, the Starlight is a nice choice for you.

the starlight is a great yoyo, my favorite plastic, but you cant go wrong either way

I have heard good bout both:)

I would go for a protostar instead just because the starlite only glows in the dark for 5 mins. cant give much of a show in that time haha. but other than that they play pretty damn similar.

not too sure but i’ve tried protostar and its pretty stable and long spinning (which doesn’t matter) but if you adjust the gap too loose it will vibe like crazy. this will happen to all adjustabel gap yoyos.
i prefer protostar just because it can do all or most tricks cause it has won world champs with john ando. i’m not saying protostar is all better but get the protostar cause you’ll love it.

I Like them both a lot.
But in my opinion, the ProtoStar is smoother and has less vibe.
But the Starlite is very good for the price. It almost plays like a NorthStar with slightly more vibe.
Either way, they are both Excellent choices. :wink:

It’s all preference. If you like light yoyos get the starlite. The protostar is more solid than starlite but a bit slower and heavier. I prefer protostar but starlite is good for price for sure.

It’s fixed gap.

yeah but i play it as an adjustable gap and it works even though it said it wasn’t adjustable gap. i just play it

Well what ever works for you :slight_smile: