Which one?

In your opinion which yoyo is better and why? The yyf starlite or plastic yoyo from shen zhou. Also which one is smoother and which one is more stable.

I am using the Shen Zhou yoyo, I don’t know that in another country have any difference Shen Zhou yoyo, but the One I have is not really smooth, the silicone pad that include whith the yoyo don’t even stick with the groove. The bearing will have some stain after you play a few weeks. But, I think the Shen Zhou yoyo worth its price - it is VERY CHEAP in VN. ;D
So, I will prefer Starlite to the Shen Zhou yoyo.

I would have to say the StarLite.

I love my ProtoStar and it’s the same shape, basically the same exact yoyo… :smiley:

i would have to say the starlite because you dont want to put it down. you want to keep on using it!!

so i think you should get the starlite

New poll. How does the Dienasty compare to the starlite, because i might get either one. Also do you think i should save up for the protostar/northstar instead of getting something now.

dienasty isn’t bad, but I like the starlight a lot better. like the same thing as a protostar, but for 10 bucks cheaper. :smiley:

Northstar or Protostar is the best choice:D

Protostar or Northstar. They have anodized aluminum weight rings rather than plastic. The only dis-advantage is that they both are one of th worst yoyo’s for grinding. But in play, they spin as long as…well…really really long. I through Ladder Escape with it thinking that it would be spinning at a low RPM but when I binded, it came in with a hard smack. Plenty of spare spin.

Great at everything except for grinds. There is a tiny ridge for IRGs though.

I think i might be able to get a Raptor at the end of the week or do you think i should just get a northstar instead of a raptor?

Go for the Raptor.

Okay, i was probably going to get the raptor anyways, i just wanted to know what you guys thought. I loved my raptor but it got stripped, so i will be more careful with this one.

now that you changed it i will have to say, save up for the northstar

Okay this is what i am ordering Duncan SG response, 100 white 100% poly string, and the Shinwoo Griffin Wing. I am going to wait to buy the Northstar maybe in a couple of months.

Great Choice.

And the Raptor already comes with 2 extra sets of response pads. So there’s three sets of Duncan SG Response. Quite a lot of replacements.

I have a raptor already but it got stripped where it screws in but now it is good and now has no response in it. The response is for that.

Now it is stripped for good, now i wish i got something different because now it will take about a month and a half until i get another yoyo. >:( :frowning: