RecRev Sharp, Protostar, Northstar, or etc?

I am looking for ONE yoyo. The Sharp is just amazing and beautiful. I’ve used one before. The Protostar looks beautiful in grey and its always been an all time fav. The Northstar is very awesome. I just hate the small vibe it has.

My budget is $50ish. Leave me idea’s on a yoyo I should get! And, if your selling something that you think is good, PM me! I’ll look into it.

Well it sounds as if you like the Sharp better than the others so why not just go with the sharp?
Also the grey protostar is not avalible anymore, But a great great yoyo none the less. Northstars are reputable for cracking easy. Personally I would go with the metal over the plastic, but I can assure you will be happy with either yoyo.

The issue of Northstars cracking is quite rare for you to happen unless you put it over fire, then in 5 feet of ice within 10 seconds.

Anyways, you like Sharp well get a Sharp. The grey Protostar may be sold in other stores.

You like the Sharp
You hate the vibe on Northstar
Grey Color on Protostar could be hard to find

Are you sure you need out opinion? I seems as you answered yourself.

I thought that you had a northstar already? And if yours broke or got lost, but you liked don’t get a protostar unless you found the northstar to heavy. Either way I’d say sharp.

I traded it. Might wanna get it back. The sharp is kinda oversized… Might not get it anymore unless I find a good deal on one.

Then consider a Raptor. Although you might think that it’s oversized but it’s perfectly comfortable.