Protostar v. Starbrite


OK… so both look really cool and i know from experience that the Protostar plays extremely well, but i was wondering about the Starbrite. Its tempting for a 15 buck price but I wasnt a big fan of the whole PGM “broad pad” stuff and the axle set up looks the same. Tell me what you guys think about it and if its a good throw.




protostar is really a better yoyo all around definetly that one


Protostar 8)


If you want, get both, but make the protostar a priority, you’ll be happier with the extra weight, and the northstar takes the weight a step higher… And I don’t think the starbite comes with a center track…


Even if starbrights were in stock, the protostar is way better. It’s like comparing a whip and a counter attack. The starbright is too light. Of course this is my opinion.


On the starbrite its easy to learn seasick


I say you buy the protostar, it is definitely better than starbite IMO


They are the same yoyo, but the Protostar has weight rings so it’s heavier, and a CT bearing. Lighter yoyo=shorter combos. Are longer combos worth almost 3 times the price? Obviously for many people here, they are. ;D