To those who have a Yoyofactory StarBrite!!

Hey guys, Im looking into buying a starbrite from yoyofactory. Except I want to read some reviews before I buy it. I cant find any good ones around. So if you have one or did have one, Post your thoughts and reviews of it for me.

Thank you!!

It’s a good plastic.

to those who reply, can you guys also include things like spin time, if it dies easily, speed, balance, vibe, etc.
Thank you

  1. Spin Time- varies by how hard you throw.
  2. Dies easily- varies by how hard you throw.
  3. Speed- varies by how hard you throw.
  4. Balance- varies by how straight you throw.
  5. Vibe- is subjective. It’s a plastic. I guess it has medium vibe? Not sure how to rate vibe.

Basically, it’s a fun plastic yoyo that glows. It has a nice shape. Spins as good as most other plastics. It’s a nice yoyo. It’s like a Protostar, or Northstar, whichever.

Lighter than a Protostar, heavier than a OneStar. Crappy grinder. Good fun yoyo. Excellent value, wish they didn’t discontinue it. Neon green! Wouldn’t recommend it for competition due to the weight. Flat bearing I think is inside to reduce costs. Feels nice and solid. I never have issues with it.

^ I thought the onestar was a good 5 grams heavier

Your right. The Starbrite weighs 58 grams and the Onestar is 62.

Studio is thinking of the StarLITE, the one that glows in the dark. The Starlite is good, very comparable to a Protostar.

The StarBRITE, on the other hand, weighs only 58 grams as opposed to the Starlite’s 65. The Starbrite looks super cool and performs pretty well, but it’s not too stable.

I recommend a OneStar (if they’re smooth-ish, I had a prepro OneStar and it had a bad vibe compared to the pretty much dead smooth StarBrite, Starlite, Protostar and Northstar I owned) over the StarBrite, the Starlite over the StarBrite, and the Protostar and Northstar over both of those.

You may also want to check out the Diffusion and Alpha Crash, both played AMAZING but the Diffusion I had was a little vibey for my tastes. I’ve heard some are super smooth though.

My blue Paul Han one star is very good. Just a small vibe.
Alpha crash is even better.

This has already been said, but it sounds like you are talking about the StarLite, he is asking about the StarBrite which is not as good as the StarLite. The StarBrite just seems to light. Spin times aren’t great.

So is it worth getting?
Im still looking for “the one” yoyo for me. So far its been a tie between the whip and the avant garde. More leaning towards the avant garde because its metal. But if its like the whip, i think itll be worth it

as a beginner, save yourself some bucks and pick up a onestar.

I have both the Starlite and Starbrite. I have a pink Starbrite, and have to agree that it is a lightweight. I prefer heavier throws. But, considering that, I sold many of my cheap plastics, including an old style Velocity and Pocketchange. But, I kept the Starbrite around, so I enjoyed throwing it around a bit. I don’t have time to give a full review tonight, maybe tomorrow instead, but it is a fun throw, if you don’t mind a lightweight. That is my strongest impression, as someone stated already. I would agree. If you are open to recommendations, and you have funds for a Protostar, or Shaqlerstar, those are the YYFs to get, if you have concerns about spin time, stability and so on. I don’t see Starbrite being sold here, it seems it may be getting phased out. It is a “fun” yo-yo but whether I’d recommend adding it to your collection depends on how many other plastic throws you have, and what they are. I’ll try to do better for you tomorrow, when I give the Starbrite a good throw.

No, I was thinking Starbrite, because I have one. I assumed incorrectly it was heavier than the OneStar. Sure enough, my specs show I am incorrect. The OneStar is heavier than the StarBrite.


I haven’t played either for months, as I have the Starbrite and the OneStar.

Are you sure? You said that it glowed. The starbrite doesn’t glow, the starlite glows in the dark. The starbrite is part of the neon collection.

The Neon Series Starbrite seems like it glows.

Soooo between the starBrite and the onestar
which should I get?