Can someone do a review of the yoyofactory StarBrite?

Hey guys, Im looking into buying a starbrite from yoyofactory. Except I want to read some reviews before I buy it. I cant find any good ones around. So if you have one or did have one, Post your thoughts and reviews of it for me.

Thank you!!

It’s not a yoyo in high demand for review and looking at your profile if your good enought to do grandma kimmits sandwich I’d get a better yoyo. It’s very light and not staple plays like a light plastic grind machine
Get a 1 star or a magic yo there much better

If you can bind and want it, get it. It’s like a lighter Protostar. Heck, it’s lighter than the OneStar. Maybe the OneStar would be a better choice, and it’s cheaper too.

I can’t say anything negative about the Starbrite. It’s affordable, fun, light, rather durable, but smooth finish plastic makes it a crappy grinder.

I also think this yoyo is out of production.

That’s what I said in his profile it says he owns a avalanche and can do kimmits sandwich so why even bother

I don’t trust what people say in their profile.

People forget what their favorite yoyo is, or forget to change it. They forget to change what their favorite trick is. Some people don’t accurately say what country they are from.

I don’t expect people to trust what is in my profile either. I hide my birthday, I removed my location pin, I removed what my favorite yoyo and trick is. I’ve removed my SKYPE, AOL ID, Yahoo and other chat ID’s.

If someone wants to get an inexpensive plastic yoyo and they want information and asks about it, why not offer information? Sometimes having a lightweight yoyo provides an interesting challenge.

I can’t do Kimmitt’s Sandwich either.

Agreed didn’t mean 2 come of strong as you can se in my first post I tried 2 help

You bother because it’s fun to throw stuff like this from time to time

Just because I have a $200 yoyo doesn’t mean I don’t want the $10 plastic yoyo
They each serve their own purpose

I can have just as much fun with a $10 yoyo as I can with something significantly more expensive. Sometimes people don’t want a “better” yoyo. Sometimes people need a “down-grade”. I have no issue playing a Classic or WHIP or something else. I can also get just as excited over a low-cost yoyo as I can over somthing that costs more(Ok, a LOT more…).

I completely agree. They each serve a purpose. One of those purposes is fun. Sometimes that purpose is “challenge”. Other times, that purpose is to help one correct a problem. Sometimes it is to help refine things.

I don’t judge. If someone wants a low cost yoyo, then what the heck, if they can afford it and want it, then get it.

My kid has access to everything I own as far as yoyos are concerned. I also try to keep him with good yoyos as well. He keeps going for his Classics. His “high dollar” yoyo he owns is a G-Funk. He could play anything. He seems to have a preference for the low-dollar items and he’s perfectly content.

No matter how good someone gets, nobody is “too good” for any yoyo. Fun knows no price!