Best Plastic yoyo for under $25?

So, i dont really have any working yoyos besides my Spyy Pro, which is not very good anymore, so I was thinking which yoyo would be the best to buy on yoyoexpert for someone like me, it needs to be cheap, ( at the most $25 not including shipping) and good for advance/intermediate tricks. ( If they are yoyos from other sites, that are not on here, please list that. BTW I mean the shop here on the yoyoexpert shop, not buy from people from here, in case u were thinkin that) Thanks, To all!

Take a look here:,28187.0.html



Yeah Starlite. Legacy is great too, but is a bit too heavy. Caps off it is floaty and light, but is really loud. The Starlote might serve you well.

Starlight should play like a lighter glow in the dark protostar, and I love my protostar.

What about the Die-Nasty? It seems like it would be good, it has a center trac yoo, besides the shape, whats the difference, also is the starlite really like the protostar?

Yeah, Starlite is like the Protostar. And the Die-Nasty is not a bad choice. It’s actually pretty cool to play with and plays like the Starlite a bit.