Can someone make a One-Star review?

Since I couldn’t go to BAC, and it looks so cool, I would love a review. Yes.

I’m actually working on one, maybe up later today.

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I’m trying to get out and get some stuff so I can get specs on this yoyo(along with another one) and then do the same myself.

I’m not terribly impressed wiht this one. I think it’s more about offering the material it’s made from at a budget cost. I like my Starbrite better. Still glad I have it.

Besides my review, I’d love to see other reviews and see how other people liked it or if it became just another face in the crowd. Now that I’ve messed with mine a few days, I think it is time to write up my review!

I can’t get to Harbor Freight and get any tools until Saturday, so I’ll just work on my review with my limited skill set without specs. I can always cram the specs in later.

Right now, I’ve been throwing this unknown RecRev theroybit picked up for me at BAC. I’m waiting for Recev to respond to my inquiry. I have no idea which vendor was selling it. WIsh I was more aggressive and got one of the B-grade MVP’s. I did get a B-grade Mutant DNA. I haven’t even thrown it yet, much less pop a string on it.

Follow-up: I got specs. Yeah, I’m loving this caliper. I’m gonna measure stuff I don’t even need to measure because its just that much fun. But, enough of that.


55.47mm diameter
42.64mm wide
63.01 Grams
4.36mm gap

This ships with a YYF bearing. Colors: White only for now.
Caps are clear plastic with I’m guessing silkscreened with the artwork.
Response appears to be the Silicon Slim Pad 19mm OD that ships with most YYF throws.

I’d say until YYF sumbits something official, let’s just use these. I have a digital scale that I used for the weight, and then used that spiffy new digital capiter to get diameter and width. Gap was used by measuring one half, multiplying that by two, and then subtract that from the width.

This appears to be the 5th in a line of plastic yoyos derived from the popular Superstar, those being the Protostar, Northstar, Starlight, Starbright and now the ONEStar.

This is heavier than the Starbrite, yet is at least for now costing less. I had theroybit pick one up for me at BAC(using my money, he was doing fun stuff like this while I was running sound, but hey, we all had fun!), it cost me $15. Solid, fun, smooth, it’s a decent player. I don’t think the $15 price is going to stick, I think it’s going to sell in the $25-30 range. It’s like it’s supposed to compete with the YYJ’s Chaser in regards to price and performance, which it may very well do so.

Liking this? It’s good, it’s decent. Of course, it’s a matter of preferences. It’s a good yoyo. It only comes with the unresponsive stock YYF bearing, which works great. Spin times are really good. I’m having trouble throwing this one straight, it just doesn’t seem to fit my hand properly or I am having problems adjusting to it. Either way, I can resolve this through more practice. When it’s going, it wants to move a bit faster than I would prefer. It is nice an solid. You’ll note a lot of weight is pushed out to the rims and there is no usage of a weight ring.

Worth it? The jury is out. Until I can see a retail price, I can’t comment intelligently. Is it worth the $15 I paid? Yes. Would it be worth it in the $25-30 range? Maybe, learning towards yes. I need to “bond” with this yoyo more. Honestly, I do like my PSG and Asteroid better though, but I have more time in on those two so it’s not a fair comparison.

YYF has a track record of being able to produce quality low-cost yoyos. The ONE(2011 and 2012), the WHIP, the Starbrite, and even the new stackless Grind Machine prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that YYF wants to put affordable, quality, high performance yoyos in the hands of nearly anyone who wants to spend a very reasonable amount of money. Will the ONE Star be in that sub-$20 market, or will it rise above? Either way, YYF still offers a line of amazing affordable quality throws in the $30 and under price range as well. This yoyo will remain affordable for sure. I think this model will do very well.

Of my stash of new throws from BAC, it’s not the one being played the most though. I got some metals I am liking a lot better, but that’s coming down to preferences. However, don’t try to take my ONE-Star from me unless you want to risk me nailing your hand to a table! I mean, when you end up with a General Yo Essence, it’s kinda difficult to not want to play that bit of spinning metal!

My end recommendation: I think this is a good, safe buy. I don’t think this is a beginner throw, but an ideal step-up once one learns to bind. I recommend people buy one ONE-Star. If they come out in different colors, I am going to get one in a different color and then end up with two ONE-Stars!

That was a pile of speculation. Couldn’t you just do a review? :-\