Didn’t they sell OneStars at World’s? If so are they any good and how much will they cost?


I like mine. It is a great performer for what it is. The binds to me seemed slippy, so I siliconed it. But it is worth buying.


I’ve had mine since BAC. It cost me $15. I’ve been told it should be around that price. For $15, it doesn’t play like it’s $15, it plays closer to $30.

I did notice one issue I didn’t like about it yesterday. However, please keep in mind, I was playing outdoors and it was kinda windy. It felt a bit light and was getting blown around too much. However, I came home and was playing it indoors and there were no further issues.

The surface is good for grinding, it feels super slick. The shape and size work for me. Again, it’s a bit lighter than my preferences, but isn’t having variety and things off one’s preferences a good thing? I think it can be.

This does not appear to have spacers. I haven’t really taken it apart to tear into it, but I think the bear seat is molded or machined. The bearing doesn’t have a death grip on the bearing seat. Despite this, it’s still relatively smooth. Mine has some vibe issues, but despite the vibe, it’s slight, nothing to be concerned about and nothing that would affect play. It’s a god, inexpensive and durable yoyo at a a super good price.

While mine is in the white, the blue and yellow are appealing to me and I am tempted to pick those up at some point in the future.

My warning:
This may cause the WHIP and Starbright some issues. I think people will choose the ONEStar over those other models.


I think this might be here to replace another yoyo in the YYF Star series. It looks great