What's your best yoyo for lowest price?

Title says it all.

Adegle PSG’s

Amazing play for a very low price, Can’t be beat in my opinion.


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Yup, but I’m gonna add the Asteroid in there too, for the same reason. Costs the same as the PSG.

Yyf whip or one, the whip is a better performer but I love the shape of the one.

If u guys had to pic between psg n asteroid… Which one?

I like the PSG more. also, for a bit more, the JKs are fantastic, and metal.

magic yoyos. cost the same as a PSG but play just as good as a YYR

Yyf starbrite. Pretty awesome for the price.

magic yoyos definitely.
my t5 is amazing.
some bootlegs are also pretty good, not gonna lie…
But cheapest/best you can get here? I’d probably say psg or a starlite.

the northstar. if jensen kimmit can win world with a $35 yoyo, its a good value.

I like the Asteroid a little bit better, just enough to give it a bump on my preferences. The PSG is still really good. It’s preferences thing.

It also proves the player is more important than the sticker price of the yoyo. For $35, it is a great AND affordable yoyo.


I would say either my PSG or Asteroid. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the Asteroid but it’s all preferance.

Another pretty good cheap yoyo is the Metal Drifter. It got me from intermediate all the way through advance 2 until I upgraded to a Dark Magic 2.

I’ve heard that the magic yos are pretty good but I’ve never tried one yet.