good yoyo for under 16 bucks

can someone tell me a good yoyo thats under $15 comment plz

Yoyo jam kickside

yoyojam kickside

I would save up the extra $1 to get the asteroid or psg.

asteroid good for 1 more dollar

PSG no contest. if your going to be around $15 then psg for sure. i’ve played both the PSG and asteroid, but i’d reccommend the PSG because although it is a little bit slower, it’s much more stable and solid on the string.

the asteriod is better for more advanced players because it’s noticably faster and floaty, but it’s less stable

stackless pgm. i really liked my pgm with stacks… i wish i knew where it was…

Your subject says $16, but the message says $15…

$16 snags you an Asteroid - which people have mentioned - I would totally ditto that!

I got a Magic Yo T6 online for under $12 shipped from China, took a month but it’s as good as yoyos I have costing five times more…comes with a U-groove (KK) bearing too…

Whip - Not much I haven’t been able to do with it. Can’t seem to do a thumb grind with it,but working into the advanced 2 section the Whip is able to do everything else for me. All for $9.99. You make it under 16 with shipping.

I am really liking the pro Z by duncan right now. But I have to ask what kind of yoyoing do you want to do with this yoyo? 1A, I would assume, but I’m not sure.

Spring for the Yoyofactory Starbrite. Just alittle lite but it can perform any of the 1a tricks on this site!

Well I have opposite views on the PSG and Asteroid but still I I think that both are the best you can get for that price