I have $15 what should i get? ???

adegle asteroid

you could try an Adegle asteroid or psg also from Adegle. They are really good yoyos for the price.

Pretty much all you can get are:

The Adegle Asteroid or PSG, but those are at $16. They are so inexpensive for the performance you get. Great yoyos. I’m glad I have each.

YoYoJam has quite a few in that range. The Journey, Kickside, Speed Maker and Lyn Fury are all right there, but at $15.30 each… The Prelude is is $14.40. I have the Kickside, Speed Maker and Lyn Fury. I like the Lyn Fury, because with the rubber ring response, you can remove the rings and silicone it and it should go unresponsive.

YYF offers the stackless Grind Machine at $12.00 and the Starbrite at $15.99. I have the Starbrite and am planning to get the stackless Grind Machine soon. The Starbrite is a bit on the light side, but it is solid and stable. I’ve played the stackless Grind Machine, so I can’t wait to get one. At 13.95 is the Pocket Change, which is OK. It’s not great. I’ve played one stock and I don’t care for it, but if I was a beginner, I’d say it’s probably not a bad yoyo, but it’s got a lot of parts. I do have one with off-string rims and it is fun.

Duncan offers The Freehand 2 and Freakhand, which are the same thing. With some work, the can be made much better players. I have the complete Freakhand set since they were on sale, and I have a Freehand 2. The Freehand Zero is a bit better but a bit more money, and like the Freehand 2’s, it needs a tiny bit of work to be much better. This doesn’t cost anything, it’s usually just removing a fruction sticker and cleaning the bearing.

I have lots of expensive yoyos. I have lots of inexpensive yoyos. It’s nice to change it up.

If I had to go through that whole list, one stands out to me from the rest. It’s also one of the first ones I mentioned. The Adegle Asteroid. That’s where I’d spend my money. Wait, I already did.