Which is better: the Adegle PSG or Asteroid?

Asteroid vs PSG. I want to see which one i should get for the holidays.

Buy whichever looks cooler to you.

There is no better, only different.

Get both. Thank me later.

But, now, if you want something more subjective:
The PSG stands for “Plastic Sand Glass”, referring to it’s shape. It’s a bit floaty and slower. It is good for 1A, 3A and 5A. The GEM series is a bit heavier. I like the Gem series better because I like heavier yoyos.

The Asteroid is very full sized, fast and aggressive. It’s clearly meant to be a 1A beast. The colors are intense and are very much attention getters.

Both can have vibe issues. Both can benefit from a better bearing if you wanted to do that. Some people have not liked the response system, while others(such as myself) have no issues with it. They can both be siliconed. Both are very durable. Both are unresponsive out of the tube. Both cost the same.


LOL Studio42 I think I’ve seen you answer this question (including the time I asked it) about 15 times now! Do you just copy and paste your response? (only joking!)

The PSG comes in gem colors. Your argument is invalid.

I don’t like the GEM colors.
My argument is completely valid.



I can type it faster than it would take me to find my previous postings.

I know what you mean. I say the same thing about these. When people ask about beginner 4A throws, I say the same thing in those.

I personally dont liek the asteroid much, and i own it. The shape is very weird imo and combined with insanely low walls (i acually like low walls) it makes binds feels very slippery. Its ok, and still worth it, but not much.

     PSG is good, nice and floaty and a generous catch zone. Also has low walls, but binds feel a tad tighter on this..

    In the end, at your budget, get the new C3 yoyodesigns Alpha Crash. I had the oppertunity to play woth it at the club i go to. Think a high end hiroyuki suzuki model (phenom, equalateral) with a feel of a duncan freehand zero. Its very good for 20 bucks.


I had a hard time believing that this thing is an all-plastic yoyo. It almost seems as if it plays better than the Protostar.

Seriously. The only plastic yoyo that might just possibly beat the Alpha Crash at this price range is the YoYoEmpire Sun.