Asteroid vs. PSG

I’m just wondering if there are any major differences between the two. I’m not seeing a whole lot. It just seems to me that the Asteroid is a bigger version of the PSG (with only a few small shape differences). If I’m wrong, tell me. I’m looking into to getting one of the two, so I just wanted some opinions. Thanks.


The PSG tends to move a bit slower. I think the Asteroid is a bit heaver, and the more aggressive shape lets it move faster.

The Asteroid is definitely a 1A throw, while the PSG can also be a great 5A design, in addition to 1A. I think the larger PSG rims might be better for 3A too.

Which one do I like better? Given the choice, my preferences are the Asteroid. I have both.

I have only thrown the PSG in person, but they share very different designs.

The PSG is your classic all plastic yoyo, while the Asteroid has a weight around the center of the yoyo- check it out

The PSG felt really slick, I liked the feel of it on the string a lot, one of the best plastics I have thrown. Only complaint that the response wasn’t grippy enough so I had to adjust my binds to it. Not sure if the Asteroid has addressed that problem, Besides that, I don’t think you can go wrong with either, if the Asteroid plays anything like the PSG, which feels like a really quality product.

Well, I think I’m going to go with the PSG because I want something I can do 1a with, but I’ve been thinking about getting back into learning 5a, which the PSG sounds good for. Thanks for your input guys.

I put k-pads in my PSG and it has the tightest binds of all of my yoyos.

Jewel them up and you’ll like them even better: