Adegle asteroid vs Adegle psg. small help needed

I am looking to get one of the 2 and wanted to know your opinion.

very stable
medium to fast speed
a bit of a oversized fan

will the asteroid have better spin times/feel becauseof the heavier weight? (plastics tend to feel light)
how stable are they both?
what speeds do they play best at?

There’s no vs. Get both!

Ok, now that I got that out of my system… I have both. these are both god performers. I like the shape of the PSG better, I just have this think for nice soft lines. It looks like what it is, a sandglass. It’s cute, it’s friendly, but don’t let the soft looks fool you, it’s a way serious performer.

The Asteroid can get moving pretty fast. The extra weight adds to the stability that it already has, but the shape keeps it slicing through the air. It’s kind of something that seems to want to move in the medium fast range.

Both will play fast or slow, but the Asteroid seems to want to be on the faster side, while the PSG likes to move a bit slower but can get moving if you want it to. I think the Asteroid might better are horizontal. The Asteroid feels a bit better to me.

As I said, I have both. I like both. I find myself going back and forth depending on my mood. I’m somewhat new with nearly a year of throwing. I prefer slow, but sometimes I gotta mix it up. I kind of have to tip my favor to the Asteroid by a little bit. And I do want to emphasize that: a little bit.

$16, amazing. Just absolutely amazing to get this kind of awesome quality, durability AND performance out of such an inexpensive yoyo regardless of which one you end up choosing.

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thank you much for giving a nice mini review. i think i’ll get the astroid but, i might get both

They are so affordable, if you feel comfortable, get both.

I don’t have a PSG but my Asteroid handles nearly everything I throw at it! It almost competes with my Dark Magic 2 in my opinion. And it just looks so odd, people will be like WOW THAT IS A WEIRD YOYO.