Adegle asteroid

So i was looking into for a new throw. getting bored of my dv888 i look into a new plastic. Saw how insane the asteroid was with its 57 mm OD. as well as it’s very heavy 66.7 grams. Can’t forget how insane the H shape of this is. The play isnt the best but for what your paying for has the widest catch zone iv seen in my throws. But going from a small dv888 to this made everything crazy easy. picked this sucker up and it blew threw going even through “and whut” was not expecting that one. Also very good with front style of play. With the very stunning green, pink, and yellow colors its not only a nice flashy looking yo-yo but also has the power to prove it as well.IF you’re one of those who doesnt try very much new throws as i do it was an amazing addition to my growing collection. The spacers it comes with were a bit iffy to me because never had a spacer yoyo before didnt care much to me i liked it alot. This yoyo is very nice and deserves a new spot in my bag(can’t fit very well in pockets XD). The yo-yo is a must have and for only $15 great bang for your buck. I highly reccomend this throw if your looking for a fun new throw.

I might get one

for what your paying its definitely worth every penny. you wont regret your purchase

If we take the price out of the review and let the yoyo stand on its own merits, I don’t think the review would change.

I don’t know why or how Adegle is able to produce and sell these for such a price. It’s actually going to force a few companies to rethink plastic yoyos and take them way more seriously.

The Adelge Asteroid seems like a good yoyo from the reviews I’ve heard. I might get one soon, considering that it IS only 15$

For a plastic, this thing is epic.

Hey Bro,

Do you have that much.

P.S. If anyone is wondering he is my bro. :stuck_out_tongue:


Forget material. This is epic!


I need to get my hands on one of these. :smiley:

im a huge fan of this and now got two of my friends buying them XD they loved it so much, and being cheap helps just to pick one up