Adegle Asteroid(Deserves Budget yoyo of the year)


Adegle Asteroid
Diameter: 57.0mm
Width: 46.2mm
Weight: 66.7
Bearing: sized C
Response: 19mm

First thoughts: I’ve had this yoyo for a few months and want to right a review it deserves. At first the yoyo was just something I found a fun color and big for me. Most of the time it just sat in my case while I played with my DV888 and NVx. Both these are more undersized throws and that was what I leaned more towards. But with trades, and PC jobs I took my asteroid back out and started playing again. Also swapped the bearing for a KK. Really changing my feel and love for this throw.

Playability: Mine came a little vibey so I tuned it out a bit(changing placement of axle). Only words I can say is just wow. Such a smooth and near vibe less throw. Very nice and with the KK the thing doesn’t ever want to stop spinning. I used it for 4A for a while, and it was fun and easy to catch cause of the H-shape. The weight is very good and I would never know that it’s only $15. In my opinion it should not be only $15 I would not mind paying much more for something this amazing. Although obviously this won’t grind very well cause of the smoothness of the plastic. Though for the smoothness you get its worth the $15.


Final thoughts: For $15 and if you want another $15 for a KK I highly recommend the combo of the two. It’s weird I liked the KK in my asteroid more than my DV888 so it’s staying there for the time being. If you are looking for an entry to unresponsive play, or just a fun throw to be able to take around, would say pocket yoyo but good luck fitting it in a pocket, if this fits what you look for in a yoyo, or you want to try other companies and break your shell pick up an Asteroid or every the Adegle PSG both amazing yoyos and so colorful as well.


it’s $13.


Hmmm guess they dropped the price.


he is right it is $13


No, It’s $12.99. Get it right. Gosh.


$12.9999999999999999999991! sorry almost forgot the 1


For an “out of the box” yoyo: yes, can’t argue. Budget yoyo of the year.

If you don’t mind some work and an “after market bearing”: Classic.

Don’t get me wrong. The Asteroid is an amazing yoyo.


I would say the YYJ Classic beats the asteroid with a flat bearing and YYJ pads or silicone but I think it puts you a buck or 2 over the Asteroid. The PSG is more to m preference though.


This is my opinion, but i have yet to try a classic so i wouldn’t be able to compare the two.


You’re right. It’s YOUR opinion. I hope others respect that fact.

I have 2 of each. I give the edge to the Classic due to it having more options:
Better grinder
Response options: ring, pad, RTV
Slim responsive play bearing or C-sized bearing for unresponsive play.
BUT: to get the Classic to be unresponsive involves cost. Even if one uses a pre-existing bearing, that still had a cost, and with the reduced price of the Asteroid and PSG, the Asteroid and PSG become even more amazing AND below what the Classic would end up running.

A lot of amazing plastics at reasonable prices came out this year. The Asteroid MUST be in the top 5 at the very least. I’d say Classic, Asteroid, PSG, Stackless Grind Machine and Loop808. Definitely contenders for an organized vote on top budget yoyo contenter.


And those things all fit in the asteroid. I tried o-rings to make it more responsive to learn to bind, I sili’ed it after a while, and now I am revisiting those stock pads, which once worked in a bit, actually dont slip as much as I thought. I am running it one side sili, one side stock pad, works great.

Since the axle is a nut+bolt job, get a bit of a smalle bolt and you could fit a slim bearing in there. Heck, you could do it with the OG bolt, but I know its gonna stick out one side and maybe mess with the stability.

My asteroid evolved with me, and it’s the best plastic I have played. I have a trifecta in there, which is kind of ironic, a 13$ bearing in a 13$ throw, but its awesome.
Highly recommended.