Can't decide need help




The grind machine is not a great player overall.


I vote Grind Machine because I feel it is more stable and spins longer than the asteroid ( i dont own a PSG). Plus it has hubstacks which are fun but they get boring. And the PSG/Asteroid are cheaper.

Overall i just like the feel of the PGM better than the PSG/Asteroid.


I just didn’t like the grid machine… The string I used was really tight, so it was hard to play it, but I didn’t like it. And hubstacks are only fun on a longer spinning yoyo. I’d go with asteroid and psg.


What’s the spin time on then astroid


I haven’t tried anything from Adegle, but I wasn’t a fan of the Grind Machine. It’s very unstable


Would also like to mention that the alpha crash is awesome


What do u think I should get in that price range


About a minute to a minute and a half.


What yoyo should I get under about $40


YYJ Trigger. Boss spin times and stable as well.


No. Spin time is dependent on your throw. You can throw it for a minute and a half. I say get the Alpha Crash for $20. And to the OP, just for future reference, post this in the “Looking for help/recommendation” section. :slight_smile:


Thinkin about it… And I’m nt to shore on the trigger


If you can get like $5 more, then I would say wait till’ friday, because that is when the OneDrop Rally releases. :wink:


i think im jus gonna get the 2 adegles cause they r cheapeer and together cost like $25 so i cn gt something else like lube and string thanks alot to every one who has commented :slight_smile:


I’d choose between the Surge and Alpha Crash


The Adegle Asteroid is a fantastic Plastic throw.

I loved that yoyo.