Yoyo Help!

Hello. I would like to know any good yoyos for $40 or less that aren’t metal. :-\ Right now the Northstar is at the top of my list. Any help appreciated. Thanks. ;D

Protostar is right up there with the Northstar. It’s a preference thing.

PSG, Asteroid, Chaser, Lyn Fury(modded), Legacy II, PGM, Stackless PGM, DieNasty, FHZ are all in that range as well. It really comes down to your needs, wants and likes.

I have PSG and Asteroid and kinda wanted to step it up a bit. I’ll think about which one to get for a while.

Well, the Asteroid and PSG did step it up QUITE a bit and compete in my opinion on par with the Northstar and Protostar.

Take your time thinking. It may not be a ton of money, but it doesn’t need to be wasted money either.

Get a Chaser. It has the heft of the Northstar, but rockets across the string, more so than the Protostar. It technically is a bimetal because of the weight ring under the caps.

I’m a huge fan of protostars and northstars you cant wrong with either but… For $5 more you can grab a duncan raptor which is an all metal that most reviewers put up there with $100 metals. Just giving you something to think about.

I stuck silicone in my Lyn Fury and that’s what I normally carry. I really like my Protostar too. I also strongly recommend checking out the BST. There are always great deals on used metals and plastics.