Under hyped yoyos?


I just realized those adapters are to play 45s! Lol.


It may have been Ed where I first saw the tortoise shell rings. I emailed Drew asking if they were going to make different rings, and he offered to make me some. Then he included the cherry wood rings, and a bunch of the adaptors, and some other 44RPM engraved goodies when he sent them to me.

(ed) #84

I love that yoyo! I still use it. Super unique feel!
I also totally forgot about that video! :slight_smile:


I love the Fianchetto, and the Veritas Pro, but I never see anybody else mention them.


The Zephyr II and Hermes have vaulted to the upper tier of my favorites list.

Omnitron is utterly fantastic and rarely mentioned. C3 in general seems underappreciated.


I highly doubt that claim.

I got a good laugh when I read that.

…Seriously; you ‘were’ kidding; right?

I would hate to think anybody actually believed what you said?

Efficiencies of Aerodynamics of a moving object (car) come into play around 60mph. The shape of the yoyo moving through the air (not the rim speed but actually traveling physically from one place to another place) doubtful that it ever hits or exceeds 60mph.

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Yeah, I can’t think of very many yoyos with a shape/design that produces enough drag to affect spin. The Hattori maybe?


I think he meant like “playing” speed, not spin speed. But you are correct. The cutouts will create drag. How much I can’t say, but it’s definitely increased over a regular yo-yo. It’s the same reason that time trial cyclists use solid disc rear wheel (when regulations allow)

(Yiyang Wang) #90

I am sorry, I meant playing speed due to a more V shape profile :smiley:


Still tho, not really any faster unfortunately.


Ok; thanks.

That sounds more potentially reasonable🤓


It is shocking (to me, anyway) how noisy the Hattori is, so I’m thinking the drag is pretty significant.


V shapes tend to be faster because it takes less time for the string to slide to the bearing.

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Magic Yoyo M002 and MYY Silencer. They are in my top 5 and a total joy to throw.

(Jordan Blofeld) #96

Those edges needed to be rounded off to avoid this. ideally you’d have a very sharp edge to cut into the air like a knife but rounding it a bit would make a big difference.


Hmm didn’t spyy have a model with more smoothed edges in the cuts? Maybe I am misremembering?

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CLYW Akita and Wildfire are very under hyped.

(Jordan Blofeld) #99

I was never that famillar with Spyy. You could be right. Hattori wasn’t the first cutout yoyo, wasn’t even the first cutout bimetal. Won’t be the last either


There’s no way to avoid the turbulence the cutouts create. Even if the cut has rounded (foiled) edges, the turbulence will still resemble that of an unfinished cutout much more closely than it will an uncut yo-yo


I know at least one Radian variant had cutouts, but I believe there were more, with each one having a slightly different design with the cuts. Can’t remember the specifics tho